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Why the Vax SlimVac TBTTV1F1 Fur & Fluff is great for busy and homes with pets

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Pet fur and fluff? No problem….

If you have a busy home or one with pets, perhaps you have the two then you will know that accumulation of general fluff and especially pet hair even for short animals such as dogs still managed to build-up and eventually becomes quite noticeable whether that’s by eye or when you, family members or even guests sit down on your sofa etc. In most cases especially when it comes to pet hair removal it’s a chore and can take ages, but this is made easier with a vacuum cleaner which is cordless, lightweight and importantly features a motorized brush bar that makes removing embedded pet hair a lot easier.

Most people have busy lives and simply don’t have the time to spend hours cleaning so if you take the above into account you will want something that just works for you with no hassle, VAX have built-up a good reputation for making reliable high performing vacuum cleaners long before any cordless models ever came along, fortunately it’s now 2018 and even before then cordless technology was long established so cutting the cord, as they say, is totally possible, it’s just a matter of picking the right vacuum cleaner that’s going to suit your needs, this can be said for most things in life “you need the right tools to do the job”.

So lets get on with the review, today we are looking at the Vax SlimVac TBTTV1F1 which has been specially designed to handle  Fur & Fluff and the aforementioned problems when cleaning, firstly you will see it’s cordless and comes in a silver and blue colour which in my opinion is quite stylish and very modern looking. It can be used both a stick and handheld vacuum so if you want to clean both flooring e.g. carpets/laminate along with upholstery then you’re in luck, it’s also worth mentioning you can reach high hard to reach places and of course like most cordless vacuum cleaners the SlimVac TBTTV1F1  is great for spot cleaning e.g. cereal or a quick pet hair clean on a sofa etc, I’m sure you have plenty of ideas on this.

So we know what it looks like, what it can do now onto the features. Firstly it can clean for 24 minutes on a full 5 hours charge, a charging station is also included to make life easier and keep your home neat, which is important with these products as you don’t want pieces and wires everywhere! The battery capacity is 22 volts which is quite large compared to most cordless vacuums available, a nice feature is a continuous power latch this means your finger won’t ache during longer use periods when holding down the trigger, just a small feature but worth noting none the less. All that power wouldn’t be anything without the ability to store sucked up fluff, dirt and fur, this model features a 0.6 litre dust container which is just about half a litre and the built-in filter is washable. Having a washable filter will allow you to keep it running at top performance and easily, just simply remove excess fluff etc into a bin then rinse under a tap then let it dry, easy peasy.

In terms of accessories, you can expect the usual, such as a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and traditional dusting brush. All of the mentioned accessories mostly come as standard with cordless vacuums in our experience, but they make reaching tight spots easier for you. The design is both lightweight and ergonomic weighing in at only 2kg so it won’t ache your hands or arms whilst using it, there are a range of tools that work with this model and it’s perfect for people who want to clean their homes with minimum effort but achieve a great cleaning experience.

At the time of writing this review the price was around £120~ which is pretty good considering what you’re getting, if you need something with more power and/or cleaning time then consider spending a bit more and grab one of the higher up models from VAX as these tend to provide a better cleaning experience, more tools and are closer to a traditional corded vacuum cleaner.

If the above sounds good and you would like to find out more about this cordless cleaner then check out the links below which also include customer reviews.





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