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Why the Hoover FD22BCPET Freedom Pets Lithium 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is great for your home

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The Hoover FD22BCPET is part of the Freedom models, is a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum which means you can use it like a regular stick vacuum and you have the functionality of a handheld vacuum cleaner, this particular model is available in a colour scheme of black and turquoise which personally I think makes it look both sleek and modern look which means it wouldn’t be out of place in most homes. You will be able to clean both flooring, upholstery, stairs, your car and everything else in between including those both high and low hard to reach places around your home or business workspaces.  When looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner it’s always important to consider how versatile it is and will it do what’s needed, and with this model, you shouldn’t have a problem completing cleaning jobs that a regular corded vacuum cleaner would easily be able to perform.

Hoover FD22BCPET Freedom Pets Lithium 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,

Plenty of innovative features that make your cleaning experience better…

Apart from the 2-in-1 cleaning functionality that the Hoover FD22BCPET  has to offer as mentioned above, other important features include a power 22v battery which works in conjunction with cyclonic technology and this helps to keep dirt spinning around the dust container preventing premature blockages whilst using it. The battery uses lithium-ion technology and this has many advantages over older battery technologies in so far that it offers superior constant performance which in this case provide 25 minutes of run time or cleaning time around your home and in most cases, this should be enough to get your cleaning done without any annoying recharging interruptions. Because it’s a 2-in-1 model the detachable handheld unit is perfect for cleaning upholstery and when used with a motorised brush bar it’s fantastic at removing embedded pet hair which can be quite stubborn to remove via other cleaning methods, a pet turbo brush is also included for enhanced cleaning.

Suitable for homes with children and pets…

Furthermore, it’s very lightweight which makes the Hoover FD22BCPET  ideal for long cleaning routines and especially beneficial for older persons as it won’t ache your arms or back etc. If you have persons living in your home who have allergies the special anti-allergy coating technology also built-in will help keep your home cleaner and safer whilst cleaning, when you have finished cleaning your home and it’s time to put the vacuum away it has a wall-mounted docking station that also doubles up as charging station, additionally it allows you to store the included accessories and this helps to keep everything neat and tidy until the next time. Another important factor with cordless vacuum cleaners is charging time, this particular model takes around 6 hours for a full charge, obviously if you just whip out the Hoover FD22BCPET for a quick clean e.g. cereal for your sofa for instance when battery charging is going to be much quicker, regular cleaning of your home is advised as it keeps dust/pet hair down and makes your life easier and ultimately means you spend less time doing it. In terms of accessories, there are several includes and many of them are included as standard with other models e.g. crevice/upholstery tool etc.


Out with the corded, in with the new cordless..

If you are looking to replace your traditional mains corded vacuum cleaner or are upgrading from another cordless vacuum the Hoover FD22BCPET  is affordable, powerful and offers plenty of versatility when cleaning your home from top to bottom and every in between, this particular model is ideal for homes with pets thanks to the powerful suction, cyclonic technology and help of a turbo brush that makes removing unwanted pet hair that much easier. Hoover has a good reputation in the vacuuming industry for making quality and reliable vacuum cleaners, this is true even with their cordless versions, there are other models available which offer more and less power but this particular model will be suitable for most homes and especially those with pets and children etc.

I hope my review has helped you if you have anything to add please comment below. If you would like to find out more or read customer reviews please follow the links below. Thanks!

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