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Vax VRS1021 Cadence Pet Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Single Cyclonic Technology – Review

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Powerful, affordable and great for homes with pets…

If you have a home with pets you will know one of the side effects is dreaded pet hair, but all is not lost because the Vax VRS1021 Cadence Pet Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner can help in a big way.


Below are some of the best features the Vax VRS1021 has to offer.
  • Powerful, its built in 1000w motor delivers consistent suction power which is further increased by Cyclonic technology.
  • Clean around your home, the motorised brush head and included tools make cleaning embedded pet hair less of a chore. It’s perfect for upholstery, stair cleaning and of course both soft and hard floor types.
  • Less emptying, the large 1.5 litre dust container means you won’t spend as much time emptying and can suck up plenty of hair, debris and dirt before you need to. When it comes to emptying you simply press a button and take the entire dust container to your bin.


  • Lightweight, surprisingly for the power and features the Vax VRS1021 offers its no chore to carry it around your home.
  • Accessories, included are standard tools like a crevice tool, dusting brush, hard floor. But also included is a VAX turbo brush tool, I do actually use a turbo brush myself on upholstery and it does the job really well.

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