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Vax U88-AM-Te Air Total Home Upright Vacuum – Review

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Powerful, compact and versatile….


The Vax U88-AM-Te Air Total Home Upright Vacuum offers plenty of performance and is so versatile that it will allow you to keep from top to bottom and everything in between.

Powerful consistent suction

In terms of suction power the U88-AM-Te has a large 900w mains powered motor and which works in conjunction with multi-cyclonic technology, this technology separates dust and dirt particles from the air path and this helps to prevent unwanted blockages and maintain consistent powerful suction for cleaning. Whilst all of that is going on the anti-bacterial HEPA media flter helps to reduce unwanted growth of nasties such as bacteria, allergens and especially pet odours which can build up over time.

Spend less time emptying and more cleaning

All of that power would’t be any good unless it had somewhere to put the vacuumed dirty, debris and pet hair. This model features a large 2 litre container which is very easy to empty, you’ll spend less time emptying and more cleaning, when looking at any vacuum cleaner it’s important to consider the dust container size much like the grass box on a mower. The Vax U88-AM-Te also scores a high A for both carpet and hard floor cleaning.

Easy to move around your home

When it comes to actually cleaning your home being able to carry and move around easily is important and this is especially true for older people. Because of its lightweight and compact design it makes life easy, the included flexible hose is very long and would allow you to clean the top of your stairs whilst leaving the vacuum running at the bottom which makes cleaning safer. The built in Air Motion technology makes it easy to glide, twist and turn around and underneath furniture in your home, the built in pivot point isn’t large or bulky which makes cleaning underneath furniture possible.

Ideal for homes with pets

Additionally if you have pets in your home you’ll appreciate that cleaning pet hair from places like upholstery e.g. sofa etc can be difficult, this model includes a TurboTool which attaches directly to the long flexible vacuum hose and is powered by the suction. The built in soft bristles spin at a high speed and can be used to easily remove stubborn pet hair, dirt and other debris from the aforementioned. For those hard to reach areas VAX have also included a 3-in-1 crevice tool.

In conclusion if you’re looking for an affordable but powerful vacuum cleaner which offers a lot of versatility when it comes to cleaning then the Vax U88-AM-Te is worth considering. VAX have a great name in vacuum cleaners and you won’t be disappointed with this model I am sure of that.

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