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Vax U85-PC-Be Power Compact Base Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 2 Litre, 900 W [Energy Class a] – Review

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Powerful, consistent and compact cleaning….

If you’re looking for an affordable but powerful vacuum cleaner which is easy to use then the Vax U85-PC-Be might just be it.

Thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom…..

The powerful suction is provided by a large (900w) mains powered motor and further enhanced thanks to the built in multi-cyclonic technology which works by spinning the dirt, debris and per hair around the dust container and this helps to prevent blockages and deliver a consist thorough clean. The dust container is quite large (2 litres) which means you can spend more time cleaning and less time emptying.

The Vax U85-PC-Be is also lightweight (5kg), compact and easy to move around your home whether it be around or underneath furniture such as tables or chairs etc. It also includes a fold away handle making it easy to store away in a cupboard, if your home has pets the included pet odour filter helps to keep your home smelling fresh.

Easy to move around and clean areas such as stairs and upholstery.

It’s also perfect for cleaning homes with multiple floor type such as carpet or laminate, you can also clean your upholstery and stairs thanks to the long reach 2.5m flexible vacuum hose. You won’t need to keep unplugging either as the included mains cord is a generous 8 meters.

Simple, but effective and versatile cleaning power….

In conclusion if you’re looking for a reliable and powerful vacuum cleaner which lets you clean your home from top to bottom thoroughly then the Vax U85-PC-Be is definitly worth considering, also bear in mind with these types of vacuum cleaners that although they’re basic that’s a good thing because it means less to go wrong and easier maintenance which does have its advantages.

If you would like to find out more about the Vax U85-PC-Be  please click here.

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