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Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch Base Upright Vacuum – Review

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Powerful, lightweight and total home cleaning..

The Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch Base Upright Vacuum has some great design features that combine powerful suction and effortless cleaning around your home. Here are some of the best features the Vax U85-AS-Be has to offer.

Vax U85-AS-Be review   Vax U85-AS-Be review

  • Suction power, ultimately its all about the suction power and the U85-AS-Be is no exception as it delivers plenty of it with the help from a 950 watt motor and Multi-cyclonic technology.
  • Lots of reach, the flexible vacuum hose is measures 3.6m which makes cleaning areas like stairs, higher up and upholstery including curtains much easier. That’s not all though, the supplied power cord is 13 meters in length which essentially means you don’t need to keep plugging it into every room you clean.
  • Lightweight, when it comes to moving around your home whether it be downstairs or upstairs carpets you’ll have no problem moving around your home due to the Vax U85-AS-Be only weighing 4.9kg.

Vax U85-AS-Be review  Vax U85-AS-Be review  Vax U85-AS-Be review

  • Energy rating, the Vax U85-AS-Be has an energy rating of A for both soft and hard floor pickup whilst cleaning.
  • Maintenance, if you maintain the Vax U85-AS-Be you should have years of power suction and great cleaning power. Maintenance is a simple job of cleaning/changing filters and inspecting your machine eg: once a month.
Overall the Vax U85-AS-Be is going to be a great addition to any home and will allow you to clean your home much more thoroughly with less effort and time spent doing it. 



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