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Vax U85-A2-Be Action Upright Vacuum Cleaner in Silver & Orange – Review

Daniel 0

Affordable, powerful and easy to use…..

The Vax U85-A2-Be is an affordable yet powerful vacuum cleaner. It comes in silver, orange and black colours and features an impressive 3 litre dust container. Suction is provided by a large mains powered motor and enhanced by built in cyclonic technology which helps to spin the collected dust and prevents loss of suction ultimately ensuring consistent cleaning performance is maintained.

In terms of weight, it weighs in at 6.8 kg which isn’t the lightest vacuum we have reviewed but it is mains powered and I suspect the powerful motor will make up most of the weight.

If you’re looking for a simple vacuum cleaner which will let you perform a thorough clean in your home without having to worry about charging any batteries up unlike a cordless vacuum cleaner then this is worth considering. With a vacuum cleaner like this there isn’t really much to go wrong, so you have peace of mind in that respect.


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