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Vax Energise Tempo Pet U86-E1-Pe Upright Vacuum [Energy Class A] – Review

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Simple, effective and powerful….

The Vax Energise Tempo Pet U86-E1-Pe is an upright corded vacuum cleaner featuring a a powerful 900w mains powered motor that works in conjunction with single-cyclonic technology to deliver consistent powerful suction. It works by spinning the dust and debris you have vacuumed up around the dust container which helps reduce blockages and decreased performance, the dust container itself is actually quite large at 2.4 litres which means you’ll spend less time emptying and more cleaning.

Multi-floor cleaning and even upholstery…

You can clean both carpet and hard floors such as laminate and it has a detachable flexible hose for when you need it and it also comes with a range of standard attachments, when you need to clean hard floors there is a hard floor attachment included. Vax has included bundled in a  TurboTool that attaches to the flexible hose to provide easier cleaning for stairs and upholstery which is especially useful if you have pets as their hair can be quite stubborn to remove sometimes.

Easy to carry around and clean from top to bottom….

There is no problem moving from cleaning your home top to bottom either as it’s lightweight weighing in at only 5kg and has a generously sized mains power cord of 9.4 meters so you won’t need to keep plugging into each room as you go. In terms of filtration the HEPA media filter helps to reduce dust and the growth of bacteria, allergens and different types of odours especially those by pets to keep your home smelling fresher whilst you’re cleaning.

Simple but performs a thorough clean…

In conclusion if you’re looking to buy an affordable vacuum cleaner that will perform well, is simple to use and reliable then the Vax Energise Tempo Pet U86-E1-Pe is definitely worth considering. Even if you spend double in all honestly you won’t get much more maybe a longer hose and multi-cyclonic but that’s about it, it’s worth considering in any event.

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