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The best cordless vacuum for pet hair

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Pets are great, but the hair….

Like most pet owners I know how difficult removing stubborn pet hair can be, there are several different approaches to removing pet hair such as a sticky roller or rubber brush. Although these methods do work they don’t compare to vacuum cleaner specifically designed for this task.

If you want to remove pet hair by vacuuming you will want to use a vacuum which has a motorised brush head, VAX also call this a ‘Turbo Brush’ but essentially it’s a roller with bristles attached that spins at a high speed whilst there is suction present. This spinning brush head makes it ideal for picking up and dislodging any stubborn pet hair you may have in your carpets and upholstery. If your pets climb up and sit with you on your sofa you’ll know only too well how difficult it can be to remove stubborn pet hair.

Some cordless vacuum cleaners offer great versatility and are able to provide both upright and handheld cleaning however most only provide one but depending on your requirements you’ll want to make sure as a minimum the cordless vacuum cleaner has a motorised brush in upright mode and if you’re cleaning upholstery or stairs then you’ll be using a handheld unit. Upright mode is for carpets and handheld is for everything else in between including your stairs and upholstery.

So now you know that a motorised brush bar is important the next thing to consider is the battery size and cleaning time. Generally speaking the bigger a battery is the more suction it will provide thus increasing your chances of vacuuming up that pesky pet hair and in some cases it will dictate cleaning time. It’s really important to consider the cleaning time e.g 15 mins to 45 mins when looking at buying a cordless vacuum cleaner because ultimately it determines how long you can be cleaning for.

Below are a few examples of cordless vacuum cleaners that are ideal for removing pet hair. I hope this post helps you, we also have loads of reviews for cordless vacuum cleaners so feel free to check those out.


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