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Tefal TY8865HO Air Force Extreme Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner 25 V In Black – Review

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Style, innovation and high performance cleaning….

Tefal have recently released their first range of cordless vacuum cleaners, we have written a reviews for the other two lower specification models (12V TY8463HH and 18V TY8841HH) in comparison. This particular model the Tefal TY8865HO offers the most performance and has some really great features as well.


  • Delta vision head: This efficient triangle shaped looking head makes cleaning right up and into awkward corners easy, additionally the slim design makes cleaning underneath furniture and gliding around your room an effortless task. The cleaning head also has a built in LED headlight which illuminates darker areas and a motorised power brush (fast 6200 RPM) picks up dirt, debris and stubborn pet hair with ease.
  • Corded performance: Just because it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner the Tefal TY8865HO has all of the power, innovation to easily match that of which a traditional corded vacuum cleaner has to offer.
  • Powerful: Suction power is provided by a large 25v lithium-ion battery pack and further enhanced by the advanced cyclonic technology built in. These two combined with multiple suction veins located in the cleaning head provide excellent suction cleaning power at all times.


  • All floors: To clean between soft and hard floors simply adjust the motorised power brush speed to match.
  • Plenty of time: When it comes to actually cleaning because this model has a large 25v battery it can provide up to 55 minutes in total and will only take just six hours to fully charge until it’s ready for another cleaning cycle. There is also a built in battery power indicator which lets you know when it needs charging and how much cleaning time you have.
  • Lightweight: Because of the excellent design and innovation you’ll have no problem moving from room to room or even carrying the vacuum cleaner up and down your stairs.
  • Emptying: The large 0.5l or half a litre dust container won’t need emptying too often but when you need to it’s a simple case of finding a bin and pressing a button which releases the base and any dirt, debris or pet hair contained. You can also wash the dust container.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner which offers great performance and has innovative design features then it is worth considering this. There are two other models in this new Tefal cordless vacuum cleaner range however this this particular model offers all of the features plus more and greater cleaning time.

Thorough and consistent cleaning performance is guaranteed with a vacuum cleaner like this one.

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