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Tefal TY8841HH Air Force Extreme Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner 18 V In Light Blue – Review

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Ultra-efficient, powerful and lightweight design…

The Tefal TY8841HH Air Force Extreme belongs to a new range of cordless vacuum cleaners Tefal have just released, this particular model offers a more power and cleaning time with its 18v battery that lets you clean up to 45 minutes instead of the 25 minutes the Tefal Air Force TY8463HH offers.


  • Stylish: With its light blue body colour, black and silver accents the Tefal TY8841HH looks very stylish, modern and wouldn’t look out of place in any home.
  • Powerful: The 18v battery combined with advanced cyclonic technology ensure suction power is not lost and maintained so you receive consistent performance.
  • Fast charging: It only takes six hours to fully charge the 18v lithium ion battery pack and the built in three light cleaning time indicator which displays full, medium and low lets you know how much cleaning time you have left before a recharge is needed – this ensures it is always ready to use.


  • Cleaning time: This particular model offers up to 45 minutes of cleaning time between charges on the min setting. The next model up offers just 10 minutes more, that being said this model is still great for lengthy cleaning sessions and spot cleaning tasks.
  • Innovative design: The innovative cleaning head design allows you to reach right into those corners, it also comes with LED headlights which are a great help in those darker places e.g. under furniture. Additionally the cleaning head has a built in 6200 RPM motorised brush which helps to pick up dirt, debris and stubborn pet hair.


  • Bagless: Easy emptying and washable dust container equals a stress free life and great maintenance. You simply hold the container over a bin and press a button to release dirt, debris and pet hair.
  • Lightweight: No more dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner around your home, this model has great design features and is lightweight which makes cleaning any part of your home an easy task.

In Conclusion

With its stylish design, innovative features and powerful performance this cordless vacuum offers many features others simply don’t which include a lengthy cleaning time of 45 minutes and its indicatively designed delta vision cleaning head which allows you to get right into those tight corners whilst having a handy LED headlights and powerful motorised brush head for dirt, debris and stubborn pet hair.

This is definitely worth considering, in my opinion because of the cleaning time provided it’s worth the price tag.




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