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Shark IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Duo Clean In Blue – Review

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Powerful, versatile and feature rich…


The Shark IF200UK is a cordless vacuum cleaner which offers you a huge amount of cleaning versatility, packed full of innotive features and makes cleaning from top to bottom of your home a pleasant and easier experience.

So what makes the Shark  IF200UK such a great vacuum cleaner? Well it’s mainly because Shark have combined two unique technologies into one appliance and thus you benefit from ‘exceptional’ cleaning performance without having to compromise on suction or cleaning time (run time). The reasons why Shark have managed to achieve such a great cordless vacuum are detailed below:

DuoClean Technology:

  • This technology features two unique brush rolls that work in conjunction with each other unlike other vacuum cleaners available on the market and it makes cleaning the three most common types of general household mess from carpets and also hard floors much more efficient.
  • It works by first removing small and large dust + debris in a single pass and then effortlessly any stubborn layers of dust and it does all of this whilst restoring your floors natural look.
  • Then because of the second brush roll it then allows a much continuous deeper clean whilst maintaining your cleaning movement, you can move between both soft and hard floors with ease.

Back Friendly Flexology:

The next great innovation is flexology, what is flexology you might be asking?

Well it allows you to clean underneath all types of furniture in your home simply clicking a button, once the button is clicked the flexi-wand automatically bends which means you don’t have to, additionally the flexi wand can also be folded down to save space when stored in a cupboard for example and it can be stored anywhere because of the free standing design which is great.

Raw Power:

Of course DuoClean Technology combined with flexology would be nothing without suction, and this comes from the large lithium ion rechargeable battery pack that can delivery up to 22 minutes of run time or cleaning time from a single charge which should be plenty of time to give your home a quick clean and if you need more power you can always purchase a second battery pack which would give you a generous 44 minutes which should be more than enough for a thorough top to bottom cleaning routine in your home.


Handy Handheld:

In most cases you will probably be cleaning your main floors such as carpet or laminate etc but when you need to easily clean your stairs and upholstery e.g. sofa then the Shark IF200UK offers a handheld cleaner which is more than enough to remove any stubborn dirt, debris and even pet hair which can be a pain to remove and you can also clean the inside of your car combined with the cleaning head and included accessories e.g. crevice tool for those hard to reach areas.

Wait there’s more…

Apart from the aforementioned features which make the Shark IF200UK such a great cordless vacuum they have also included plenty of accessories and the quick release extended reach wand allows you to clean higher up hard to reach places such as ceilings, light fittings and much more.

Last but not least to keep your homes air fresh and safe the IF200UK has a built in Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology which will keep those with allergies safe. It works by capturing 99.5% of dust and allergens inside of the actual vacuum and doesn’t throw the nasties out when you’re using it.

Customer Reviews:

  • Smart as . Lovely machine just waiting for the one it replaced to be collected. Ps the wife thinks it’s great.
  • Very well designed cordless vacuum.
  • This thing sucks!….. But in a good way.
  • Love this Hoover almost does it on its own.
  • Powerfully flexible vacuuming without the cord.

As you can see there recent customers rate the Shark  IF200UK quite highly.

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner which is both powerful and offers a huge amount of versatility in what you can clean around your home e.g. carpets, stairs, upholstery, car etc then it’s worth considering.

You may already have a cordless vacuum but need better performance and/or cleaning versatility that your current one doesn’t offer or perhaps you have a mains corded vacuum cleaner and are looking to go cordless then I don’t think you will be disappointed in the slightest and on that note I’m giving the Shark IF200UK  cordless vacuum cleaner a 9/10.

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