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Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology With Twin Battery IF250UK – Review

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Powerful, innovative and versatile…

The Shark DuoClean IF250UK is a cordless vacuum cleaner that offers plenty of power, the ability to clean virtually everywhere in your home and plenty of runtime thanks to the twin batteries that have been included.


There are many technologies and features built into the IF250UK but these are the most notable:

  • DuoClean Technology – This time-saving technology utilises two brush rolls which work in conjunction with each other and makes cleaning up all manner of dirt, debris and even pet hair much quick and efficient whilst saving you time.
  • Flexology – Whether you are cleaning underneath, around, or up high and even storing this feature makes all of that easier and less strain on your back whilst doing it all.
  • Double Run Time – This particular model features two battery packs which can deliver a generous 44 minutes of total cleaning time which should be enough for most homes.
  • Handheld – Easily switch from cleaning your living room carpet to upholstery then back again in an instant and there are also plenty of onboard tools to reach those tight spots.


Apart from those great features which do make cleaning easier, the IF250UK will clean virtually any floor as it’s a multi-floor vacuum, can be stored in small places e.g. understairs cupboard and the included twin batteries can be charged anywhere as they have a specific charger and aren’t built into the machine like some cheaper models.


The Shark IF250UK  is perfect for any busy home with or without children/pets and will provide a versatile cleaning experience whilst feeling like you are using a quality well-built machine (which you are) that’s powering through dirt and doing a thorough job.

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