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Morphy Richards 734035 Supervac 18v Pro 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review

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Thorough, powerful and lightweight…

The Morphy Richards 734035 Supervac offers a fair amount of cleaning versatility and will allow you to clean both soft/hard floors, stairs and upholstery e.g. sofas and curtains etc.

Its powerful and that comes from the large 18v battery pack which provides a total of 30 minutes cleaning time from a single charge and typically a full charge takes around 6 hours to complete. 30 minutes should be enough to clean floors both downstairs and upstairs and upholstery. There are two power settings for everyday cleaning and when you need an extra boost for those stubborn stains and things like pet hair, speaking of pet hairs it has a built in motorised brush bar which will help to easily lift them and other dirt + debris around your home.

In terms of moving the 734035 Supervac around your home that’s no problem, thanks to its lightweight and compact design you can easily carry the Supervac up and down your stairs along with cleaning underneath furniture without any trouble. The total weight of this model is only 3kg, which compared to other similar cordless vacuums is pretty much the same.


When it comes to emptying the Supervac after you have finished cleaning it’s a simple enough task, a simple one click empty mechanism allows any dirt, debris and accumulated pet hair to just fall into a bin of your choice and this makes life easier.

In conclusion if your looking for an affordable but both powerful and versatile cordless vacuum cleaner then the  Morphy Richards 734035 Supervac will provide that. It’s worth noting there are other models in the Supervac range which provide more cleaning time e.g. 60 minutes and enhanced cleanign versatility such as 3-in-1 instead of the 2-in-1 offered but it’s up to you. Thank you for reading!

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