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Morphy Richards 734030 Supervac 32v Pro 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review

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Multi floor, lightweight and powerful….

The Morphy Richards 734030 Supervac offers cordless freedom but with the power matched to a similar mains corded vacuum cleaner and all the cleaning power you would expect. When it comes to performance in vacuum cleaners most will believe that suction is one of the most important whilst it is you also should consider how versatile your vacuum cleaner is and whether it will do everything you ask of it and with ease.


This particular model features a large 32v lithium-ion battery pack that delivers consistent suction, the cleaning time or run time available is around 60 minutes and a full charge takes 4 hours which is sped up by the built in ‘fast charge’ technology. In most homes 60 minutes should easily be enough to clean both upstairs and downstairs floors along with any stairs and upholstery such as a sofa, curtains etc you may or may not have.


In terms of how versatile the Morphy Richards 734030 Supervac actually is well down to its ability to switch between a full upright or handheld cleaner and this allows you to clean many aspects of your home as mentioned previously above. Even those stubborn cleaning jobs such as embedded dirty, debris and even pet hair in your upholstery e.g. aren’t an issue thanks to the built in motorised brush bar. If you do need some extra suction power there are 3 power settings available which include a turbo mode that can be very handy indeed, obviously when using such modes it may decrease the cleaning time slightly so this is something you’ll want to keep in mind but for the most part it shouldn’t be an issue.


Moving around your home and going upstairs is also a consideration, this particular model weighs only 3.9kg and when it comes to cleaning underneath furniture e.g. tables, chairs etc then the built in ‘back saver’ feature is a must and it can be easily activated by one click enabling you to clean those harder to reach areas in your home.

Last but not least emptying, with this model it’s hassle and mess free. You can simply press a button and the dust, dirt and associated debris are emptied straight out of the dust container into your chosen bin etc.


In conclusion, there’s an entire range of Supervac models available from Morphy Richards. This particular model offers plenty of performance and features you would need to clean your home thoroughly and be satisfied afterwards, the 32v battery models such as this particular do offer longer clean times and more suction if needed so it’s worth considering. If you would like to know more please use the links to, thanks for reading!


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