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Morphy Richards 734000 Supervac Sleek Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review

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Powerful, sleek design and versatile….

The 734000 Supervac is made by Morphy Richards and part of the pro line of cordless vacuum cleaners on offer. The 734000 Supervac combines stylish looks, exceptional performance and importantly a versatile cordless vacuum cleaner which will allow you to clean all round your home from up high, down low and everywhere else in between.

Morphy terms defines cleaning versatility as different modes. Mode 1 offers a hand stick or upright vacuum cleaner, this is perfect for cleaning floors including carpet, laminate, tiles and more. Next is Mode 2 which basically converts the 734000 Supervac into a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, in this mode you can easily reach up high, do a spot clean e.g. breakfast cereal and even clean your upholstery e.g. sofa etc.

In terms of performance you can expect around 60 minutes of cleaning time which i have to say is quite impressive, this is provided by a considerably large 32.4v battery pack which surprisingly only takes around 4 hours for a full charge thanks to the fast charge technology. Most cordless vacuum cleaners don’t offer this level of cleaning time, you would have to pay a lot of money and/or there are two battery packs so it makes the 734000 Supervac quite innovative.


The 734000 Supervac offers 3 power settings which does include a turbo mode for those stubborn jobs. In terms of moving around your home and up/down the stairs that won’t be an issue either as it only weighs 3.4kg which for the cleaning versatility and 60 minutes of cleaning time on offer is pretty good in my book, usually bigger/powerful batteries can add more weight.


Once you are finished cleaning the easy empty dust container allows you to emptying your dust and debris etc directly into a chosen bin eliminating any hassle and unwanted mess. After you have emptied the 734000 Supervac you may want to charge it for next time, this is easy and the Supervac will stand against any wall and charge with its wall plug so there are no batteries to detach and extra space taken up by a separate charger etc.

In conclusion…

The Morphy Richards 734000 Supervac has a lot to offer for it’s affordable price, whether you’re buying the Supervac has a replacement to a traditional corded vacuum cleaner or you already have a cordless but require more power then you can’t go far wrong. It offers impressive performance via its large battery pack and the 60 minute cleaning time on offer blows most cordless vacuum cleaners out of the water.

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