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Hoover FD22RP Freedom Pets Lithium Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner in Grey and Red – Review

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Powerful, ideal for pets and multifunctional…

The Hoover FD22RP Freedom (model number: 400882.000.000) is part of the Hoover Freedom range of cordless vacuum cleaners and offers a lot for its affordable price. Currently the FD22RP is priced at £119.99 from £169.99 at the time of writing this review article,  we have already reviewed a number of other vacuums available in the aforementioned Freedom range and they all offer plenty of cleaning performance, versatility and are lightweight so Hoover really have a good thing going here compared to some other vacuum manufacturers on the market.

This particular model the FD22RP is ideal for cleaning top to bottom in your home and those homes with pets thanks to certain features, more about this below. The first thing to note about the FD22RP is the battery capacity, included is a large 22v lithium ion battery cell which offers up to 25 mins runtime (cleaning time around your home) and takes only 6 hours for a full charge. Additionally, the FD22RP  has built-in cyclonic technology which basically spins any collected dust around the outer edge of the dust container whilst it’s running to prevent filters etc for unnecessary clogging while in use, this feature also helps to keep suction maintained and performance at its peak.

If your home has pets then you will know how difficult it can sometimes be to remove that embedded pet hair, it’s made a lot easier thanks to the above mentioned 22v powerful battery and cyclonic technology that combined with a motorized brush head makes removing pet hair less of a chore. Because the FD22RP also features a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner you can use it on the stairs, curtains, sofa and all other types of upholstery around your home.

Now all this technology wouldn’t be much use if it was heavy right? Well, that’s no problem when it comes to the Hoover FD22RP Freedom Pets as it’s lightweight and only weighs in at 2.2kg so you won’t have any trouble vacuuming downstairs, upstairs or the stairs themselves, especially if you’re older you will appreciate less weight.

As previously mentioned it also has a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner, which means the Hoover FD22RP  is multifunctional and allows you to not only clean your floors e.g. carpet and hard floors (laminate etc) but also upholstery and even inside of your car. The included accessories feature a 2-in-1 large and upholstery tool, crevice tool and rotating pets turbo brush for added cleaning power.

Like most cordless vacuum cleaners the FD22RP  will need to be charged after each use, it comes with a charger plug wall mount that will allow you to keep everything neat and tidy whilst it’s being charged ready for the next cleaning cycle. With the aforementioned accessories above combined with the reach the FD22RP  offers you it’s also possible to clean up high places e.g. cobwebs and on top of furniture, this also lends itself to reaching tight spots such as skirting etc.


Also an important part of any vacuum is its dust container, this particular model features a 0.7 litre dust container which is just shy of 1 litre and in my honest opinion is more than enough for the 25 minutes of cleaning time this particular model has to offer you.

The Hoover FD22RP Freedom is available in the following color combination: black, grey, silver and red with certain parts e.g. unlocking clips highlighted with the red colour and this happens to include the power switch located on the handle so it makes finding and using features really easy even if your eyesight isn’t 20/20. In terms of how much noise the Hoover FD22RP makes whilst operating and you’re using it to clean around your home it’s about 75dB which is quiet compared to a mains vacuum cleaner that’s plugged in and running.

As you can see there are many great features on offer that make this particular model both powerful and versatile at the same time, it’s best suited to most homes that do or don’t have pets. The powerful 22v battery combined with built in cyclonic action and motorised brush located at the front will help you to remove embedded pet hair whether that be in upholstery e.g. your sofa or carpets e.g. living room or stairs etc. In reality, if you have pets having a vacuum cleaner with a motorised brush bar is a requirement as it will save you a lot of time, the time you could use enjoying elsewhere!

The cleaning time on offer is 25 minutes from a single full charge which takes around 6 hours to fully complete, this should be enough time for most homes if they are cleaned often you can of course use this as a spot cleaner or to quickly run over your sofa if you have friends or family coming over. When it comes to storage it’s going to be neat and tidy as the included charging station also allows accessories such as the long crevice tool and brush to be stored a long side of vacuum cleaner, and it wouldn’t look out of place in any home even if your decor is mininal and/or modern thanks to the colours used.

If your home has to be clean because of allergies you’ll be pleased to know the Hoover FD22RP has also been allergy treated to inhibit bacteria, this will help keep the air whilst cleaning and when the vacuum when it has been stored cleaner and safer for persons in your home. If you would like to find more reviews and information about the Hoover FD22RP  please follow the links below, as always if you would like to ask a question about this particular vacuum cleaner please leave a comment below and we will endeavor to get back to you.

I did also review the Hoover FD22L Freedom Lite Lithium 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner it’s a bit cheaper but has most of the features this model also has.

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