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Hoover FD22L Freedom Lite Lithium 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 0.7 Litre In Blue & Titanium Review

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Powerful, versatile and lightweight…

The Hoover FD22L Freedom Lite offers all of the above and plenty more where that came from. Hoover currently make a wide range of cordless vacuum cleaners and the FD22L is a new addition to their range.

The FD22L can be switched from an upright cleaner to a handheld with ease, this enables you to not only clean the floors in your home but also upholstery, spot cleans and your car etc. If you’re using the handheld mode it won’t ache your arms either thanks to its incredibly lightweight vs performance and capacity design it offers.

In terms of the performance you can expect, well it’s good and this is thanks to its 22v lithium ion battery cell which can be recharged after each use. Additionally, the Hoover FD22L has built in ‘cyclonic’ technology, this helps to ensure maximum performance and reducing unwanted maintenance by separating the incoming air and collected dust, dirt and any pet hair (basically it spins the aforementioned around in the dust container at high speed).

Another simple but time-saving feature that has been built into the FD22L is the rotating brush bar, now whilst this may seem a basic feature to have it’s not always included on a cordless vacuum cleaner. Why is this important? It’s important because a rotating brush bar helps to pick up dust, dirt and especially pet hair whilst working in conjunction with the powerful suction if you have used a vacuum cleaner without one you will understand the difference so another plus point for this vacuum.

You can expect around 20 minutes of cleaning runtime, whilst this isn’t a huge amount if you clean your home regularly it should be enough and even higher priced cordless vacuum cleaners don’t often offer this amount of cleaning time. If you do require more cleaning time then it’s probably worth looking at a higher spec’d model?

Finally, the dust container is 0.7 litres in size, that’s just under a litre and more than half. It’s important to consider the size when looking to purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner, fortunately, the FD22L has a large one which ultimately means more time cleaning and less emptying. Because there is only 20 minutes cleaning time on offer the provided 0.7 litre dust container should be more than enough for most cleaning jobs around your home.

If you’re looking for an affordable but feature rich vacuum cleaner which will save you time then it’s worth considering the Hoover FD22L, you can pay more and have fewer features on offer here. To find out more about this vacuum and other customer reviews please follow the links below. Thank you, of course, we welcome your comments.

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