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Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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816tkytJUwL._SL1500_The Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was recently released in the UK and as of 2013 has managed to shift over 135,000 units! The Gtech AirRam has a tagline of “Lose the cord. Not the performance.”, displays an innovative design and promises to change your vacuuming experience forever. This vacuum has a professional grade 22v battery, capable of cleaning all floor types, has a 4 stage led charge indicator, is slimline and lightweight. Sounds like the ideal cordless vacuum for your home? We will review it below.

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Main Features

  • High Performance -With a power of 100 AW (air watts), this Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum has some serious power.
  • Ultra low-profile – Ideal for those tight sports eg: under the sofa, tables and chairs.
  • Long run time – 40 minute run time is more than enough for more peoples cleaning needs
  • Charging Time – Like other cordless vacuum cleaners this has a 4 hour charge time.
  • Low Weight – The Gtech AirRam only weights 3.5KG.
  • 4-stage LED Indicators – These bright led indicators located on the side display eactly how much charge you have, so you might need to hurry up!
  • No Mess Emptying – The Gtech AirRam creates little dirt bales which can be emptied straight into your bin with no mess or fuss.

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Specs

  • Battery – 22v
  • Weight – 3.5KG
  • Suction Power – 100AW (air watts)
  • Container Total Volume – 0.8 litres
  • Run Time – 40 mins
  • Charging Time – 4 hours

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Images

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Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Whats In The Box

  • Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery
  • Instructions Manual

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Pros vs Cons

tick Pros:

  • Powerful 100 AW (air watts) suction.
  • Long 40 minutes run time.
  • Short charge time of 4 hours.
  • Works great on all floor surfaces.
  • 5 year warranty in the UK.
  • LED charge indicator.
  • Low-weight and slimline design.

cross Cons:

  • Lack of attachments.
  • Expensive when you compare features to other cordless vacuum cleaners.
  • Replacement battery is expensive.
  • Doesn’t work well cleaning stairs.

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Videos

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Conclusion

The Gtech AirRam is a nice looking cordless vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor which provides more than enough suction and a great way of collecting dirt in little bales, at the time of writing this review it was priced at £199.00 which may change. However in terms of price, functionality and accessories (there are none) it doesn’t rank that well. It may be worth considering something else. That said if you want a powerful vacuum for quickly whizzing around cleaning your large rooms then the Gtech AirRam would suit you well.

I welcome any comments about the Gtech AirRam.


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