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Corded vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, which is better?

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In recent years cordless vacuum cleaners have grown hugely in popularity and can be found in many homes today, traditionally built corded vacuums still have their place and uses but their cordless alternatives offer plenty of advantages that beat them outright in terms of usability and versatility, with that in mind is a cordless vacuum cleaner the right choice for you? Let us find out…

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Why buy a cordless vacuum cleaner? 

One of the most notable features about a cordless vacuum cleaner is the fact it’s cordless, apart from that they are lightweight and can come in either upright, handheld or a combination of both which are great for busy homes with children and pets. They use battery power to suck up all of that dirt, debris and pet hair from virtually any surface in your home, some include accessories such as a crevice tool and this makes them ideal for reaching tight spots around the home e.g. behind furniture, skirting and upholstery, you can even clean those super hard to reach places in your car. Furthermore most have slimline designs and are lightweight, this makes them ideal for all age groups but especially older people who still want to thoroughly clean their homes, with that said not all cordless vacuum cleaners are ideal for your home as some don’t offer much cleaning time and have a smaller dust container compared to a corded alternatives, that being said there are plenty in the higher price brackets which can offer 50+mins of cleaning time and do have larger dust containers e.g. 0.5  to 1 litre so it’s not all bad.

So we know cordless vacuum cleaners offer a lightweight, importantly cord-free and powerful versatile cleaning performance as mentioned above but let’s get into the details, firstly the average corded vacuum cleaner weighs around 7kg compared to a much smaller 3kg for the cordless alternative, cordless vacuums are obviously much easier to move around your home. In terms of the cord getting in the way if you have ever tried to clean your home and not been in close proximity to the wall socket you will know how annoying this can be or the cord not being quite long enough. Many cordless models include a wall bracket or stand that makes just grabbing and go a great feature, in fact, some of the brackets and stands also double up as a charging station that not only makes your life easier but saves space too, this is especially useful in cupboards or other small spaces. Furthermore, some corded vacuum cleaners offer both upright and handheld cleaning, upright cleaning is ideal for soft and hard floors e.g. laminate and carpet, typically the handheld will simply detach and can be easily used to clean things like spilled cereal, your sofa, and even the stairs. If you are planning to clean stairs and/or upholstery it’s worth getting a model which has a motorised brush bar, this will greatly help to pick up embedded pet hairs and dirt which can be quite stubborn to remove, in fact, Dyson and VAX models include a boost feature that will help you. Click here to see the latest cordless vacuum cleaners from the top manufacturers….

Pros of cordless vacuum cleaners

  • Much lighter than standard cordless vacuums
  • No cord so you aren’t restricted by the cord length or proximity to the nearest power sockets
  • Depending on the model, use either in upright or handheld modes
  • Much smaller, much easier to store.

It should be noted that although cordless vacuum cleaners do offer many benefits over their corded alternative they aren’t without some drawbacks, which include is the cleaning time, whilst the more pricey cordless models can offer up to 30+ minutes most only offer around 10-15 minutes although some models offer another spare battery which can double the cleaning time on offer. The cleaning time is also affected by models which offer a boost or turbo feature, although you shouldn’t need to use that all the time.

In most cases, as discussed above the dust container capacity is reduced, usually around 0.5 liters which compared to a corded cleaner offering around 2-3 liters on average. This does mean although you will save time whilst cleaning due to the freedom a cordless cleaner offers, you may be slowed down a bit by having to empty the smaller dust container, once again that being said more pricey models offer 1-liter dust containers e.g. Vax.

Finally, if you happen to suffer from allergies, cordless cleaning isn’t ideal as it will mean regular exposure and close contact with dust.

Cons of cordless vacuum cleaners

  • Cleaning time is limited by battery size and remaining life
  • Dust container capacity is much smaller in most cases
  • Maintenance tends to be required more
  • Supplied wall bracket will require attaching to a wall, you will also need a socket power point nearby for charging.
  • Charging on some models can take many hours, not always the case for pricey models though.

It all comes down to the fact if you value the freedom a cordless cleaner gives you vs the constant power and larger dust container a corded alternative offers, when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner it’s worth considering the cleaning time on offer and dust container size, I would also include whether it has a motorised brush bar as an important feature these days. Vax have a great range of powerful cordless vacuums available, click here to find out more…

Are cordless vacuum cleaners as good at cleaning?

When deciding to buy any vacuum cleaner for your home it’s important that it will perform and clean well, cheaper cordless models will let you down in this department but higher priced models will offer near or equal cleaning performance to a corded model. I have reviewed plenty of cordless models that don’t offer a lot of power, but there are some models which do and have plenty of features for around £50~ so choose wisely when looking to buy!

Your standard corded cleaner will perform great at cleaning carpets and generally offers a higher standard of cleaning although there are quite obvious differences between the worst and best when tested. Many cordless vacuums do lack in this type of cleaning, they require a bit more power typically you would need to use the boost or turbo feature.  If your home features many carpets you will need to choose a cordless vacuum that offers plenty of cleaning time, has a large dust container and a motorised brush bar, typically these models range in £100~ or more but it depends on your requirements.

In most cases, cordless vacuums don’t offer nearly as much power as a corded version, but recently cordless models have been offering much more suction power and motor efficiency, most notable is the new Dyson range.

What about cordless battery life?

The next common question that gets asked is usually battery life, once again lower priced models have smaller batteries whilst higher priced versions have better quality batteries usually offer 18v or 24v, the higher voltage provides longer cleaning times along with more suction in most cases. If you have a large home choosing a large battery capacity or at least having multiple batteries e.g. some VAX models offer this is really important as it will enable you to clean your entire house without having to stop, well apart from emptying the dust container that is.

Battery recharging times can greatly vary between models, lower end tends to be longer e.g. 12+ hours and higher priced models it’s around 6+ hours. I suppose most cases you will use your vacuum cleaner then put it away to charge, of course, it all comes down to your individual cleaning habits.

Is a cordless vacuum cleaner the right choice for you?

By now you will know that cordless vacuum cleaners tend to weigh less and are generally easier to use around your home, most people who buy a decent cordless vacuum never look back but not all of them are as effective at picking up dirt compared to a traditional corded vacuum and this may be an issue depending on your flooring types. If you need the best possible cleaning power at a great price the cleaning standard that is offered by a corded vacuum are still going to be higher, I honestly believe this will be true for a fairly long time and compared to cordless you can easily pay far less for a corded and get fantastic performance for your money. Most powerful corded vacuums will cost around £100~ and to get a cordless version that offers the same or near enough performance in the majority of cases will cost you at least double e.g. £200~ at the time of writing this article. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are on the higher end of the market in terms of price but offer fantastic performance, click here to find out more.

Finally, thank you for reading and whichever type of vacuum cleaner you decide to choose whether it’s corded or cordless please make sure you pay a good price and get something with the following features as so you won’t be disappointed:

  • Ample cleaning time
  • Good sized dust container
  • Uprightthatn also switches to a handheld
  • Motorised brush bar, a must of homes with pets if you want to clean carpets and upholstery etc.

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