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Can you clean your gutters by using a vacuum?

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Leaking gutters are pain and cleaning your gutters can be difficult, but there is hope!

Whether your home is small or large they all have one thing in common, gutters! They can be made from either plastic (most common and widely used) or metal (older type) but whatever your gutters are constructed from they play a vital role. If it rains your gutters and downpipes are designed to help drain all of that unwanted excess water away from the front, back and sides of your property from the roof.

Over time dirt and debris build-up and can block your gutters, this causes the efficient water flow to be greatly reduced and leaks/overflowing water to become very obvious when it rains (ever been soaked whilst waiting to get into the house?) a little as a small amount of rain on your large roof area can add up to a lot. In most cases, gutters become blocked by leaves, soil and moss which allows plant life to flourish e.g. grass and/or weeds and lead to slower water flow and/or flooding.

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Gutters are often overlooked and just expected to work when they are working properly and draining all of that water away from your property it’s helping to protect the structure of your property. Once your gutters become blocked you will notice a problem and eventually, it can start to affect the property whether it be internal damp/mold and/or staining on walls where the water is overflowing. Sometimes a portion of the gutter can become so laden with dirt, debris and plant life it can comprise the actual guttering fixtures and pieces can break off and then you have a problem.

Leaves, soil, and moss can wreak havoc and cause lots of issues…

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So what can I do? Well, there are a few options you can either clean your own gutters or hire a professional company to do the work for you. When considering any type of Gutter Cleaning Cambridge it’s important to make sure the company follows all of the relevant health and safety, many companies will use ladders and whilst this does work it isn’t the safest way of cleaning gutters. I doubt many of you will also want to be climbing up high on ladders either.

The safest solution to properly clean and clear gutters is to use a high reach vacuum, this is much safer as it can be used on the ground. Many gutter vacuum operators also have a built-in camera system which displays a live feed and can record your gutter and this ensures a thorough and consistent job.

Gutter vacuuming is safer, efficient and very effective….

Just like your vacuum cleaner at home which is able to suck up dirt and debris the gutter vacuum system uses very powerful motors to remove any accumulated dirt, debris and plant life that is growing. Tough plant life that isn’t ready to give up yet can be sucked then lowered to the floor and disposed of safely, once the main dirt and debris have been removed anything remaining can be quickly and efficiently removed.

Gutter cleaning Cambridge using a vacuum cleaner is a much safer, efficient and time-saving way of cleaning gutters as there is no need for ladders, the work can be done at ground level and all of the dirt and plant life can be fully removed.

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