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BLACK+DECKER SVJ520BFS-GB 2-in-1 Cordless Vac with Smart Tech Review

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Powerful, well engineered and versatile….

The Black and Decker SVJ520BFS-GB offers all of the above in a compact and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner. This particular model has ‘Smart Tech’ technology built right into it and is designed to make your life and operation much easier, the smart element of the SVJ520BFS-GB  comes from various sensors built in which monitor and alert you e.g. maintenance etc.

To elaborate on the whole smart sensors thing, basically there’s a floor, filter and even battery sensor. The floor sensor helps to determine what type of floor you are cleaning and will automatically adjust battery consumption based on it, the filter sensor monitors and automatically detects when it becomes clogged and needs a clean. This helps to maintain the powerful suction you need, finally the battery sensor like the others has active monitoring and lets you know how much juice you have left to clean which in real world terms means you shouldn’t get caught out whilst cleaning.

Smart technology makes operation and keeps performance…

All of that smart sensor technology is great and will make operation a much easier and hassle-free experience but there are many other features that the SVJ520BFS-GB has to offer. One of the most notable of them is the 2-in-1 functionality, this essentially means you can clean both of your carpets and laminate flooring in an upright mode then quickly and easily detach a handheld cleaner. Handheld cordless cleaning can be really useful for spot cleans, furniture e.g. sofa and in your car.

Obviously all of that dirt and debris you have sucked up needs to be stored somewhere, and the SVJ520BFS-GB  has a 0.5 or 500ml dust container. Whilst this isn’t the largest we have seen it’s not the smallest either and when you consider the size and versatility of cleaning the SVJ520BFS-GB  has to offer it’s suitable for the majority of people.Emptying is easy and the container is translucent so you can see how much space you have left before it needs emptying.

Suitable for most homes….

You’ll be able to clean for around 20 minutes on a full charge, there are also plenty of standard accessories you would expect to be included such as a crevice tool and even a push in brush.

In conclusion…

The Black and Decker SVJ520BFS-GB does certainly have a lot to offer for its price point, and you will be able to clean most of your home with no problem. If you have pets it’s worth considering a cordless vacuum cleaner which has a motorised brush bar as it will make removing embedded pet hair, dirt and other debris a lot easier and time consuming.

Black and Decker has a good name and reputation for quality,  the vacuum itself has a stylish design and will look great in most homes. To find our more and/or to see other customer reviews please follow the links below.

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