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we have collected all the best vacuums for pet hair. These vacuums are selected on the basis of their performance, quality, features, price, and customer reviews. Also, for understanding the vacuums and choosing the best product, you can also read our vacuum buyer guide. Furthermore, all the related questions to pet hair vacuum are also added at the end of the article.

Best Pet Hair Vacuums 2022

  1. Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog
  2. EUREKA NEU522 Floor Rover
  3. Dyson Cyclone V10
  4. Kenmore Floor care
  5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
  6. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
  7. Shark IZ163H Rocket
  8. HOOVER MaxLife

For all those who have pets at home, cleaning the hair scattered around the house was always been a hectic job to do. Pet hair vacuums have made this job extremely easy. Nowadays, you can buy a pet hair vacuum and clean all the mess in a matter of minutes without getting your hand and environment dirty. These vacuums no only clean but also saves you from an allergic reaction to those pet hair.

If you have a budget and want to clean the pet hair, a pet hair vacuum is a must. We have compiled the list of all the best pet hair vacuums on the market, let have a look.

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Pet Hair Vacuum Buying Guide

Choosing a vacuum by features:

The efficiency of /vacuum can be determined by different factors and the environment. For Example, a vacuum that is good enough for hardwood floors doesn’t mean that it will perform the same when used on carpet or pet hair, or more. So choosing the right vacuum for the specific task that you need to be done is a hectic job. You need to be extremely careful and thoughtful before buying a vacuum.

    Suction Power: A vacuum that is used for pet hair needs a lot of suction power because pets roam around that house and shed their hair on different floors. So, when you use a vacuum for cleaning pet hair, it should be able to clean them off the hard floors, corners, carpets, and more. Now, many people believe that a vacuum with more power like 1600 or 1700 watts has more suction power but that isn’t necessarily true. The suction power varies for each kind of floor. You will need to attach the appropriate attachment for a specific kind of floor and then it will work the best.
    So choosing the vacuum for cleaning pet hair, make sure that it has the appropriate attachment and also has a lot of suction power.

    Portability: Portability is another important aspect of a vacuum cleaner. Pet hair is scattered around the house and for cleaning them, you will need to carry your vacuum all around the house. So, it will be hard for you to carry a heavy vacuum around the house. So before buying a vacuum, make sure that it is portable enough and also has a long card or it’s cordless.

    Brush Roll: The brush is very important when you are cleaning pet hairs. A vacuum that doesn’t have a brush roll will struggle in cleaning the hair from carpet, hard floor, and more. So, you better look for a vacuum with a rotating brush to efficiently clean the pet hair and give you a clean pet hair-free environment.

    Allergy Sufferer: Having dust and animal allergies is very common. A vacuum that doesn’t have the technology for allergy sufferers can cause red, itchy eyes and cough to the allergy sufferers. There are many vacuums that come with built-in technology to avoid that. If you are someone that suffers from an allergy, make sure to choose a vacuum with the appropriate technology.

    Bagged vs. bagless: Bags are used to collect dust and debris when they are full are disposed of and replaced by an empty one. Bagged vacuums are way less messy as compared to bagless vacuums because you don’t need to contact the dust or debris when disposing of the full bag. Bagless is hard to empty. They make a lot of mess and allergy sufferers will suffer when emptying them. So we suggest, that if you are someone that is allergic to dust, debris, or pet hair, better buy a bagged vacuum.

Choosing the vacuum by type

There are numerous types of vacuums. Each of these vacuums has its own pros and cons. If you look at these types, you will find that each kind of floors and environment have their own vacuums. For example, cars vacuums, vacuums for stair, pet hair, carpet, hardwood floor, and more. Let’s discuss their efficiency in terms of pet hair cleaning.

    Upright Vacuums: They are very powerful vacuums and are heavy too. A normal upright vacuum weighs around 20 pounds which is heavy but relatively cost-effective as compared to canisters. These types of vacuums are very good at cleaning carpets, pet hairs, and more. If you are looking for an all-rounder that cleans and everything then nothing can beat an upright vacuum cleaner

    Canister Vacuums: The canister is the traditional vacuums widely used around the world. They are good at cleaning bare floors. Upright vacuums may be better at cleaning carpet but canister has its own advantages. In case want to clean under the bet, stairs, and more hard-to-reach spaces, a canister is an answer to it. Cleaning the pet hair with the right kind of attachments won’t be a problem for a canister. However, they are bulky and hard to store.

    Cordless Stick Vacuums: Cordless stick vacuums are the new innovation in the market. They are lightweight, easy to carry around because of no cord tripping while working, and also good at cleaning carpets, pet hair, and even bare floors. However, they are new to the industry and are not as efficient as other traditional vacuums. They have battery problems and also are extremely pricey.

    Corded Stick Vacuums: Corded stick vacuums are more like upright vacuums but they are lightweight with a tall body, handle, and powerhead. It makes it very easy to carry around, clean the high places, and also, you don’t need to bend over if you are cleaning the floor like a handheld or other vacuums. Furthermore, they are reasonably priced but they are not as powerful as conventional vacuums and will have problems while cleaning carpets.

    Handheld Vacuums: Handheld vacuums may not be as powerful as other vacuums but they are extremely handy when it comes to quick cleaning whether it’s carpet, hard floor, or pet hair. They are widely used by people because of their convenience and cleaning. They can come cordless and corded both. Also, it can come in quite handy when cleaning the interior of the car.

    Robotic Vacuums: Robot vacuums are automated and they clean by themselves while you are resting. Some of the models are smart enough to get out of tight places or tackles the cords and stairs. Most of them are controlled via a smartphone application. They are luxurious and innovative but still, no robot vacuum can match the traditional canister or upright vacuums.

Best Pet Hair Vacuum 2022 Reviews

1. Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog

Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog

Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog is a very compact and lightweight canister vacuum that is a powerful performer when it comes to clean pet hair whether it’s on carpet, hard floors, sofas, and more. This vacuum is a dream of one who has pets and is tired of pet hair plus the odor of the pets. The vacuum does what it’s meant for. It’s full of wonderful features to ensure its efficiency. Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog is equipped with electro plus floor head which has 5 level height adjustments to ensure deep cleaning of carpet and more. Furthermore, you can adjust the speed setting via the rotatory dial for better cleaning. Also, the Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog has a filtration system so that the dirt, debris, and pet hair don’t escape the vacuum bin. So, calling it the best vacuum for pet hair won’t be wrong because of its specifics.

2. EUREKA NEU522 Floor Rover

EUREKA NEU522 Floor Rover

EUREKA NEU522 is an outstanding vacuum cleaner with a lot of wonderful features. This vacuum not can only cleans the pet hair but can challenge cleaning any kind of floor whether it’s hardwood, carpet, stairs, under the bed, or hard-to-reach places. They have introduced the latest technology features like swivel steering (for easy cleaning), a one-click empty dust cup (for emptying the dust cup without any hassle), and a detachable handle for extended reach. Furthermore, the vacuum is equipped with easy grid wheels to ensure smooth push and pull movement plus efficient cleaning even carpets. Last but not the least, EUREKA NEU522 houses a multi-cyclone filtration system that has the ability to separate large and small particles and ensure no dust escapes. The HEPA system ensures trapping 99.7% of dust and dirt saving you from allergens. So overall, the EUREKA NEU522 is equipped with the latest technology and has a wonderful cleaning performance. So, calling it one of the best vacuum for pet hair won’t be wrong.

3. Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson Cyclone V10

When it comes to Dyson, they are the best at producing high-quality vacuum whether it is based on performance, design, features, or price. Dyson Cyclone V10 is equipped with high-end technology featuring versatility, deep cleaning, multiple cleaning modes, and an advanced filtration system. Dyson Cyclone V10 not only cleans the hard floors, pet hair but is also extremely efficient in cleaning the carpets and rugs. The best thing about the V10 is the point and shoots bin system. You just need to point the vacuum at the bin and shoot it, all the dirt is directly transferred into the dust bean without causing any hassle or problems. Furthermore, the Dyson V10 is equipped with 60 hours running battery, an advanced HEPA filtration system, and more. Also, you can easily clean under the furniture, clean up high and convert it to handheld. Honestly, it’s a complete package that can clean the pet hair around your house plus do other cleaning jobs.

4. Kenmore Floor care

Kenmore Floor care

Kenmore Floorcare is a wonderful tool for vacuuming. It’s versatile, has been designed wonderfully, especially keeping in mind the easiness of use, powerful performance, and more. The Kenmore Floorcare is equipped with 2 motor system that ensures the powerful suction performance and also good for deep cleaning the carpets and rugs. Kenmore Floorcare is a remarkable vacuum for pets’ hair because of its many features that make it perfect for cleaning the pet hair from any kind of surface whether it’s carpet, hardwood floor, or any other surface. The vacuum is easy to control, has flawless floor transitions and comes with extra versatile tools to make it easy to clean under the furniture, above-floor cleaning, and more. Also, the vacuum comes with a HEPA filtration system to make sure that you don’t suffer from allergies while cleaning. So overall, it’s the best vacuum for pet hair due to its great performance, aesthetic design, and features.

5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser for people who don’t have enough budget or already have a vacuum for other work and just want a vacuum to get rid of pet hairs. The vacuum is lightweight and compact, very easy to use and carry around. It is equipped with various nozzles to help you clean out the pet hair perfectly. Furthermore, the versatility of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser makes it good for cleaning pet hair, stairs, cards, and more. So if you are looking for a vacuum that has a good performance, is light on the pocket, and is lightweight then no other vacuum can beat the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser in regard to the best vacuum for pet hair list. Moreover, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser has a long cord, easy to empty, and has enough bin space to clean a lot of pet hair around the house. So overall, it’s a great vacuum.

6. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a remarkably powerful and hassle-free vacuum that is quite efficient when cleaning pet hairs. The vacuum comes with high-quality premium features that make sure that you clean anything around the house without any hassle or problems. The vacuum is quite versatile; you can clean any surface around the house and is very easy to carry around due to its lightweight design. Furthermore, the vacuum comes with a telescopic wand that enables it to reach hard-to-reach places like cleaning the fans and above the floor surfaces. Also, it is equipped with a crevice tool to help you clean the corners of the house and tight places which is very hard to clean. Moreover, to ensure a clean environment, the vacuum comes with a HEPA filter and Febreze for odor elimination. Overall, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a wonderful vacuum with high-quality performance, design, and features. It is surely one of the best vacuums for pet hairs.

7. Shark IZ163H Rocket

Shark IZ163H Rocket

If you are not a fan of corded vacuum and want a hassle-free cordless vacuum to clean the pet hair then no other vacuums can beat the efficiency Shark IZ163H Rocket. It is one of the best pet hair vacuum based on performance, pet hair-specific brushes, and wonderful design. The vacuum is designed such as to efficiently clean the pet hair from any kind of surface whether it’s carpet, rug, or any other. The vacuum has a powerful battery system that can run up to 40 minutes which is enough for cleaning the house. Furthermore, the vacuum is very flexible and makes it very easy to clean under the furniture, corner, or stairs. Also, the brush roll of the vacuum self-cleans itself of the hair without any hassle. Honestly, it’s a very powerful vacuum for pet hair with advanced features, wonderful design, hassle-free cordless cleaning, and more. Considering it would be a very wise decision to make.

8. HOOVER MaxLife


HOOVER MaxLife is a very powerful vacuum cleaner with all the advanced features that you need for cleaning your house whether it’s dirt, debris, or pet hair. The HOOVER MaxLife is a very versatile vacuum cleaning offering cleaning different kinds of floor, hard to reach the place, under the furniture, deep cleaning, and more. The vacuum comes with enormous tools to clean pet hair and debris quite easily. Furthermore, the vacuum has an advanced filtration system so that you don’t suffer from any allergies and have health issues after cleaning. Emptying the dust bin of the vacuum is also extremely easy and hassle-free. Moreover, the vacuum is favored and reviewed by thousands of happy customers making it the most reliable vacuum on the list. Lastly, the price of the vacuum is also good and not too expensive when you consider the remarkable features that it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between pet hair and regular vacuum?

Yes, pet hair cleaning needs a more powerful and more reliable vacuum. The pet hair vacuum has a more suction powerful vacuum, filtration system, and a brush roll (specifically for cleaning the pet hair). You should know that pet hair cleaning isn’t the same as cleaning other dirt and debris especially long hairs. To clean the pet hair embedded deep down in the carpet and other surfaces, a vacuum must have a rotating brush roll. So, you can say that a regular vacuum and pet hair vacuum is not the same.

Can pet vacuum cleaners help with allergies?

Yes. We all know that scattered pet hair all around the house isn’t good for an allergic person especially someone with asthmatic problems. Not only hair but the odor of the pet can also affect the allergic person. A pet hair vacuum can greatly help with allergies by cleaning the pet hair and eradicating pet odor with the help of an advanced filtration system.

Do pet vacuum cleaners work on all surfaces, including furniture?

Not necessarily all pet hair vacuums will work on all surfaces. Some of the vacuums are good for bare floors, while other work well under the furniture, some are good for above the surfaces. However, there are some top-class vacuums that promise to work on all the surfaces from bare floors, hardwood floors, to carpets and rugs. So, it depends on the vacuums, not on the type of vacuum.

Do pet vacuum cleaners eliminate odors?

Elimination odor isn’t a very common feature. So, most of the vacuum will not have odor-eliminating features but some of the vacuums have this feature and works quite greatly in sense of eliminating odor. These vacuums not only catch the germs and allergens along the way but also freshen the air.
However, vacuums are not able to completely eliminate the odor. For that, a hybrid vacuum will be needed that works on the mechanism of steam sanitization that kills the germs or bacteria which cause the odor.

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