Best Vacuum Cleaner 2022 (Upright and Canisters)

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Getting the best vacuum cleaner isn’t an easy job. You will need to look at every aspect. Don’t be fooled by a fancy design or a vacuum with the most whistle and rings. Look for easy handling, versatility (Does it work on carpets, floors, crevice, and rugs?), easy to maintain, and have good value for the money. We have researched to find the best vacuum on the market to make the job easy to clean your home.

There is wide variety of vacuum available at the market ranging from 50$ to 1500$. Also, a lot of types of vacuums are available like robot vacuums, stick vacuums, upright vacuums, cordless and corded plus handheld. Choosing the right one is a hectic job. To make it easy we have picked up the best vacuum cleaners from every category to help you out.

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2022

  1. Dyson V11 Torque
  2. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum
  3. Dyson V7 Motorhead
  4. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac
  5. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS
  6. iRobot Roomba s9+
  7. Oreck Magnesium RS
  8. Miele Complete C2
  9. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster
  10. Bissell Featherweight

Important Types of Vacuums

Market is full of various vacuums, so it’s definitely very confusing to get the best vacuum cleaner out there the completely does justice to your needs. This article will help you out in understanding the various types, differences, important tools and more.

There are many types of vacuums like car vacuums, handheld vacuum, robot vacuum, upright and canister vacuums. Each of these vacuums is for a specific purpose. So deciding the best one gets a little confusing. let’s focus on the primary vacuums here.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are the most popular ones because they have a compact design, powerful suction, and also very efficient performance. Another important feature of this vacuum is the tools you get with it that help clean various kinds of surfaces. Furthermore, you will a lot of cordless upright vacuums which makes it very convenient to clean the whole house without any problem.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are also popular but you won’t find many cordless canisters. If you do, you get it with a low suction capability as compared to the corded ones. Most of the people who have big houses or want to clean a whole building prefers canister vacuum. They are the most powerful when it comes to suction and deep cleaning.

Bagged or Bagless Vacuums

This is another major difference between vacuums. People who are allergic or have asthma problems will bag vacuums because do not allow allergens to escape. In the case of bagless vacuums, they are also quite good at their job but while dumping the dirt and debris, a lot of allergens are left onto the air and not good for allergic people. In the end, it all comes to personal preference, some may recommend bagged while others may be in the favor of bagged vacuums.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sealed system in vacuums?

The sealed system comes in the most advanced vacuums. Some people aren’t satisfied with the HEPA filtering system and they need a more advanced, more efficient, and well-developed system. A vacuum that comes with the sealed vacuum system is air-tight and doesn’t let the allergen leak into the environment. This system is tested and verified in the environment by the expert and is the most reliable system. The sealed system makes sure that no air except pushed through the HEPA filtering system to escape.

Are vacuums with dust bags are really worth for allergy sufferers?

The whole concept of dust bags is to make it easy to empty the vacuum cleaner without affecting the health of the user. The dust bags have developed over the year to help the vacuums to keep the dirt debris and possible allergens trapped inside the bad and do let them out into the environment. It makes sure the when remove and dispose of the bag, it doesn’t make a mess. So honestly it is impossible for the dust to escape in the air and affect the health of the allergy sufferers. That’s why they are recommended for all those who suffer from allergies and cannot afford to be exposed to dirt and allergens.

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2022

1. Dyson V11 Torque

Dyson V11 Torque

Dyson V11 Torque has been made with extreme precision and care. The final product has been made with the hard work of around 300 engineers and 32500 prototype parts. Dyson V11 Torque is the latest cordless vacuum product by Dyson and have the most powerful cord free device till yet. You may think “Why do you need Dyson V11”. Well, Dyson V11 can make cleaning easy than never before. You can clean almost anything like carpet, tight place, hard to reach places and more. Furthermore, it provides you with a cordless experience having a long lasting battery life and lightweight device to easily carry around inside the house.

The vacuum weighs around 7 pounds attached with the main head. Also, it comes with 5 additional attachments, 3 of which are tools (mini motorized, combination, crevice) and two brushes (mini soft dustion and stuborn dirt). These tools can be attached to the Torque drive head. Moreover, a DLS system is there that is able to detect the difference in floor surface and have the ability to adjust suction power to that. Like, it detects whether its a carpet, a hard floor or a wooden floor. Also, it has different modes for different kind of floors and dirt. Auto Mode adapts to deep clean variety of floors while Eco mode is for lighter and longer cleaning. However, Boost mode provide high suction power and work for around 5 minutes. So, overall it’s one of the most powerful and best vacuum cleaner on the market.

2. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift Away is a 2-in-1 Vacuum that can be converted to upright and canister mode. Canister mode is mostly used to clean hard to reach places. Furthermore, Shark Navigator use HEPA filter that guarantees trapping 99.9% allergens. So, if you are allergic to dirt and debris, you won’t need to worry anymore because this vacuum will provide you with allergen free environment while cleaning. Moreover, Shark Navigator lift away vacuum work on almost all surfaces whether it’s a carpet, hardwood floor, tiles, stairs, and more. Also, it comes with specific tools that helps in reaching to hard places like crevice tool to clean tight places. Most of the vacuum are not powerful enough to clean large debris but shark navigator can clean almost anything from pet hair to large debris.

Shark Navigator comes with three very important tools, crevice tool (to clean hard to reach places), dusting brush (to clean windows, lampshades and drapes) and pet power brush. This vacuum comes with high suction power and multiples setting modes. You can change those modes. Position I is for bare floors while position II is for carpets and rugs. So, you can say that Shark Navigator has the ability to clean you whole house and you won’t need any other cleaning device at all. Furthermore, the design of the vacuum is compact and weighs only 13.7 pounds. Also, it comes with a huge dust capacity and you won’t to need to empty it frequently. You can clean your whole house in a single go.

3. Dyson V7 Motorhead

Dyson V7 Motorhead

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is extremely compact and lightweight then Dyson V7 can be your perfect gear. Dyson V7 offers an eye soothing design with extremely wonderful features. It’s an upgrade to the V6 model and offer more suction power and longer battery life. Furthermore, Dyson V7 is an stick cordless vacuum that can also be converted in canister. So cleaning various places won’t be problem anymore. Also, it comes with various tools to clean places like carpet, rugs and hardwood floors. It allows two power modes “max” and “min” on a push of a button to meet your desired needs. Most of the important feature of this vacuum is the quick release which allows to quickly detach and attach parts of the vacuum.

Dyson V7 comes with different accessories including crevice tool, combo tool, motorized brush roll. Each of the tool is for different purpose and surface. Also, the size of the vacuum is extremely compact and very lightweight weighing around 5.45 pounds. Dyson Vacuums are little over pricey but they are extremely reliable and efficient. If you are someone with a good budget then Dyson can be the best gear for you. Since, Dyson V7 is a cordless vacuum so battery life is the most important thing. Dyson V7 supports longer battery life as compared V6 in a standard mode but a lower suction power. Overall, due to its longer battery life, amazing design and efficient performance, it is regarded as one of the best vacuum cleaner at the market.

4. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac has a very simple design that durable and have a glass cover that’s scratch resistant. The vacuum communicates through the LED lights and colors determine the state of the device. You will find two wheels on either side of the robot vacuum and a swivel wheel near the back of boostIQ. Also, the are brushes near the back of the vacuum for more through cleaning purpose. When it comes to the dust bin capacity. Eufy offers around 0.6L capacity that’s enough for cleaning a complete room. Eufy offers three suction levels (Standard, Max, BoostIQ). They are interchanged automatically based on the needs and debris. Furthermore, Eufy BoostIQ is extremely quiet when in cleaning mode not any louder then a microwave.

When it comes the the cleaning modes. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac features five different modes listed (Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Single Room Cleaning and Manual Cleaning). Each of the cleaning mode is for different purpose. In Auto Mode, it automatically adjusts to the debris and dirt while Spot mode is for specific area in boost mode. Furthermore, Edge is for cleaning the edges of the room and single room cleaning is slow mode which is special for cleaning a complete room. Basically, most of the people will think that robot vacuum won’t be that efficient but believe me it work quite better on hard and carpeted floor. Overall, this is a great piece of art and not adding it to the list of best vacuum cleaners will be unfair.

5. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

Oreck has always been the front runner when it comes to upright vaccums and that is exactly why Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS was the talk of the town as soon it was available at the market. This vacuum is made exactly as one would expect from a commercial vacuum. It provides us with a long cord of around 35 feet and have huge dust capacity of 11 quartz. So basically you can clean a big place with in one go and clean for hours without emptying the dust bin. Furthermore, the suction capacity is amazing. It can clean almost any surface whether it’s a carpet, rug, hard floor or wooden floor. Also, it can clean pet hairs, dirt and large debris thanks to the 12 inch brushes and good suction power. Furthermore, the handle is great and the vacuum features low profile and work tremendously beneath the furniture.

Oreck Commercial comes with an advanced filtration system that provides the best cleaning experience. Inner bag of the vacuum is completely sealed. Also the bags closes automatically when removed because of the saniseal system. So emptying is completely hassle free. Furthermore, the vacuum weighs around 8.2 pounds which light enough handle and carry around the house. While talking about the usability of the vacuum, this vacuum is extremely comfortable to clean under the furniture and easily clean tight spots. For many of you, Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS will be a better choice because of its efficiency and price to quality ratio.

6. iRobot Roomba s9+

iRobot Roomba s9+

There can be nothing more interesting then having a vacuum that can clean your house and then clean itself by emptying the dust bin. Is that really possible? Yes, iRobot Roomba s9+ have the ability to do that. This is one of the most expensive and efficient robot vacuum on the market. This best vacuum cleaner has a camera and plenty of sensors that helps in navigation and detecting debris around the house. Also, the suction power of i9+ roomba is 4 time greater then the previous model i7+ and quite good at reaching tight places. This vacuum maybe expensive but offers a lot and is more efficient in cleaning then any other robot vacuum out there. If you have the budget and want something that looks good and have great performance then there can be nothing better then i9+.

Design of the iRobot Roomba s9+ is amazing and little different then the previous versions. Most of the vacuums are circular but this one is D shaped. This is good for cleaning corners and adjusting to walls. Communication is done through the LED light on the vacuum device. The LED tells us the status of the vacuum with the help of different colors. Moreover, iRobot Roomba s9+ can be connected to your mobile via iRobot Home App. You can control the device via the mobile and also check the battery level displayed. Also, when it comes to the performance, i9+ has terrific navigation capability and very rarely you will need manual intervention. So overall, navigation is superb, cleaning is flawless, battery is trustworthy and is also very durable. What more could you want.

7. Oreck Magnesium RS

Oreck Magnesium RS

Oreck is a very old company known for its best vacuums. They ensures a better quality which is very hard to find these days. Most of us are very fond of lightweight stuff because they are easy to move around. Oreck Magnesium RS is exactly about that, it’s one of the lightest vacuum from the Oreck which comes handy while cleaning your house. Furthermore, the vacuum is designed tremendously having the slim swivel steering makes it very easy to clean under the furniture. Also, you will see a blue light at the front of the vacuum that helps to clean the dark places under the furniture. Another important feature is the Saniseal system that helps in trapping the debris and dirt. Hepa firlteration make sure that’s no allergens escape of the vacuum and give you an allergen free environment.

Oreck Magnesium RS is extremely good at carpets cleaning. The suction power is enough to give you a deep cleaning of carpets, rugs and hard floors. This vacuum doesn’t sport any extra tools, so cleaning corners, tight places and stares maybe a bit challenging. Moreover, the design is compact and have a big dust bin capacity to clean your house all at once. The power cord is long enough to move it around the house. In addition, it comes with two speed options which helps in adjusting the brush-roll speed for the different floors like carpets and hard floors. So at the end you could say that it’s one of the best vacuum cleaner because of its wonderful performance, extremely lightweight to handle and long lasting durability.

8. Miele Complete C2

Miele Complete C2

Everyone of us knows about cannister vacuums. Since they are in at our home for decades and doing the job perfectly. Miele Complete C2 is a wonderful vacuum cleaner which does more then your expectation. The vacuum is super light and easy to maneuver around the house whether its on carpet or hard floors. It runs behind you like loyal pet. Furthermore, its extremely quiet and you can work in peace. It also supports a long cord so moving around the house while cleaning won’t be a problem. Since, comfortability is very important in a vacuum cleaner because no one want to work with an annoying device. So, Miele Complete C2 is the perfect best vacuum cleaner with wonderful comfortability while cleaning and makes your job extremely easy.

Miele Complete C2 comes with two heads that can be detached and attached very easily from the vacuum while swapping them. One head is called twister floor head which is for cleaning the hard floors and wooden floor. Then other one for carpets. Both the heads work tremendously and surely will not disappoint you. In addition, it has a very comfortable base handle which makes it very easy to clean under the furniture and other type of floors. Also, you will find a switch to increase and decrease the suction power of the vacuum. Canister vacuums are known for large dust capacity and this one also features one at the back of the canister. So overall, it’s one of the best vacuum for all those fans of canister out there. Go and get it.

9. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster is very popular when it comes to the handheld vacuum and they are popular for a reason. Their performance is amazing. You can clean almost anything with little beast whether its a carpet, any floor, vents or you can take it outside to clean your car. It has long lasting battery and weighs a little over 3 pound which makes it very lightweight and hassle free. Furthermore, Black and Decker also sports a cloth filter inside a plastic filter which is reusable and washable. However the company suggest to change it after 6 to 9 months. The company has designed this vacuum very carefully and all the parts can be detached from the vacuum at a push of button.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster houses a very slim nozzle which quite good at cleaning crevices and its also rotatable to get into the tight spaces. At the end of the nozzle, there is a brush too that flips up for using and can be flipped back after use. Also, a crevice tool can be pulled out of the nozzle for cleaning more tight spaces. This means that they kept everything in mind while building this beautiful vacuum cleaner which can clean reach any tight space. That is exactly why it’s one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner. In addition, the portability matters for those who want to carry their vacuum out side or on a trip and Black and Decker is best at that.

10. Bissell Featherweight

Bissell Featherweight

We have added Bissell Featherweight for the customers who are low at budget. This one is extremely cheap but have a good performance when compared to the fairly low price. So, you shouldn’t be expecting Dyson level performance. The suction isn’t that powerful but enough to clean the hardwood and hard floors. Furthermore, its lightweight as compared to the other bulky vacuums and extremely easy to handle. The performance on carpet ins’t that impressive, it surely will clean the upper dirt but it’s a straight no for deep cleaning.

Bissell Featherweight is a convertible vacuum. You can either use it as a stick vacuum or a handheld vacuum. So it means that you clean places like stairs, sofas and cushions with it too. Also, it comes with a crevice tool that helps in cleaning the tight spaces at the house. In addition, it comes with 16 feet long cord which can be stored inside the vacuum when not in use. The Bissell Featherweight is very easy to empty after the dust bin filled. Also, it comes with a reusable filter which can be washed. Overall, its not a perfect vacuum but its best for those don’t have budget for buying expensive vacuums.

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner 2022

Now that you now the different types of vacuums, it’s time to look around your house and find that how much dirt and dust is there. Keeping this in mind, you have to consider some other factors which in return will narrow down the choices, thus you will finally find the perfect vacuum cleaner for yourself.

Specifiying your needs

This is the most important factor while buying the vacuum cleaner. The first thing you need to do is specify your needs. For example, first decide what are you going to clean with your vacuum cleaner. Is it for cleaning the interior of your car? or is it for carpet or a hard floor?. Asking yourself these questions will help you out in choosing the best vacuum cleaner out there. It won’t be that easy because there are so many things to considers like stairs, ceiling, garden and more. For stairs, mostly canister is recommended.

Another important thing is tools and accessories. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, have a look at all the tools. Do you really need them or Is all the tools you need are there with the vacuum?


The vacuum that you are considering, certainly you would want to evaluate its cleaning ability. To do that you have to examine some of the specific features of your vacuum like suction and airflow. Many users confuse the power of vacuum with performance. Actually, power tells us about the electricity used by the motor of vacuum. For example a 10-amp motor can create more suction than the 12-amp if it’s designed in an efficient way, so don’t let the power fool you.

The key features that need your attention are airflow and suction. So, if you go for a canister vacuum, make sure that the airflow is 100CFM. In case of upright vacuums, there are two design that affect airflow. One is the direct air design where the dirt passes through the motor directly without being filtered. The second one is the by-pass motor design in which only filtered air pass through the motor. So, if you go for an upright vacuum with a by-pass motor design, the recommended airflow is 60CFM.


A very important but mostly ignored feature of a vacuum cleaner is the filtration. Filtration determines the ability of a vacuum cleaner to retain dust particles and allergen and prevent them from escaping into the air. So, if a vacuum cleaner does not come with a high level of filtration system, these particles can easily escape into the air. Thus, people suffering from allergy are at great risk.

Most of the quality vacuum cleaners do a nice job in this regard as they come with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system. HEPA filter removes up to 99.9 percent of particles with as small size as 0.3 microns. There are many terms used for this like True HEPA, Absolute HEPA or Certified HEPA. All these terms are the same and meet HEPA standard. But be aware of the terms like HEPA quality and HEPA-like if you are expecting HEPA standard filter.

Quality and Durability

The quality of a vacuum cleaner is also very important because it determine that how long it will last. Better is the build quality, the durability will be likewise. Mae sure that the components are made up of high-quality material. Also, the finish should be nice and the components that open and close should feel solid. One other thing that will tell you about the durability of a vacuum cleaner is the length of a warranty. So, look for a vacuum cleaner with longer warranty, especially of a motor.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is also on of the very important factors of the vacuum. Many vacuums have good features and suction but they are not comfortable. Try to think about your old vacuum and eliminate all those problems you faced. In vacuums grip and maneuverability is very important because cleaning below the furniture is a very hectic job. So, buy a new vacuum which is good at all those thing you lacked before.

Noise Level and capacity

Noise level is also very important. No one wants a noisy vacuum that will annoy you or people around you. Many of the modern vacuums are quite good and don’t produce much noise. Try to find a vacuum that has a noise below 70db. This will allow you to hear conversation, phone and also bell ring.

Capacity of the dust cup is also very important because no want to empty the dust bin in the middle of cleaning. Try to look for a vacuum that has enough capacity for storing the dirt and debris of a whole house.

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