Best Robot Vacuums 2022

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we have reviewed the best robotic vacuums 2022 with their key specifications and designs discussed in detail. For your convenience, we have added a comprehensive buying guide that includes all important factors. A frequently asked questions section is added in order to help you clear your most common queries and confusions. Go through the list below and pick the best robotic vacuum that suits your need and budget.

Best Robot Vacuums 2022

  1. iRobot Roomba S9 Plus (9550)
  2. Neato BotVac D7
  3. Eufy RoboVac 11s
  4. Ecovacs Deebot 500
  5. Roborock E4
  6. Eufy RoboVac 30C
  7. iRobot Roomba 694
  8. iLife V3s Pro
  9. BoostIQ RoboVac 30C
  10. Neato BootVac D7 Connected

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Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

There are plenty of robotic vacuums available in the market but choosing an ideal one is slightly a confusing job. We will help you with all available options and terms that are necessary to get familiarized with before choosing one. Here are all those factors that contribute greatly to the working of a robotic vacuum.

How big is your house?

For a robotic vacuum, cleaning the area to cover matters a lot. In case if you have a larger house with many rooms, you need to go for a robot vacuum that has a greater battery backup, which can help the robot to cover larger areas conveniently. Similarly, smart navigation capabilities for a vacuum are essential when dealing with a greater number of rooms to cover. If you are on a budget but still need something that can do wonders for you, we have included one of the best budget robot vacuums – available on the market – in our below list.

Is your house robot friendly?

Apart from the size of your house, the friendly atmosphere is equally important. If you have many dumps in each room then for a robot vacuum to clean up things would be totally impossible as they are not much powerful to remove obstacles off their way. Your priority would be to provide a robot vacuum with a smooth and obstacle-free atmosphere to get the most out of it. The robot itself can detect obstacles via powerful sensors and can create the best possible way to reach a target with its smart navigation system.

Is your house robot friendly?

Apart from the size of your house, the friendly atmosphere is equally important. If you have many dumps in each room then for a robot vacuum to clean up things would be totally impossible as they are not much powerful to remove obstacles off their way. Your priority would be to provide a robot vacuum with a smooth and obstacle-free atmosphere to get the most out of it. The robot itself can detect obstacles via powerful sensors and can create the best possible way to reach a target with its smart navigation system.

Do you have carpet or hardwood floors?

Cleaning up the carpet and hard floors are two different things, you shouldn’t mix the two. For carpets cleaning, you would need a robotic vacuum that has the slightly greater suction power to remove the dust from inside. We have included the best available options to our list for both hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Do you have pets in your house?

You can take great benefit of robot vacuum if you are in between a seasonal shedding time period. Pets are no doubt a loveable creature but their hair shedding can be a headache too. Best robot vacuum for pet hairs lets you spend more time with your pets without cleaning up rooms all the time from hairs, dandruff, and fur. These robots can be helpful in cleaning up high pile carpets and comes with a HEPA filter to minimize the risk of getting any allergy from shedding pets.

How important is battery life?

Battery life is the most critical and important factor if you are looking up for the best robot vacuum. Greater battery life boosts the robot to cover larger areas, and most importantly when the robot runs out of charge, it simultaneously turns to its charge dock. Once charging is completed it goes back to its cleaning cycle where it previously left. Greater suction power may cause the robot to drain out quickly, but technology has evolved now, manufacturers are keeping a perfect balance between battery life and suction power.

Importance of corner cleaning?

Corner cleaning is mostly concerned with the size of a robotic vacuum, the more compact the size, the more it will be able to reach tougher areas like below furniture’s, etc., and not getting stuck. There is no specific size defined for a robot vacuum, you either have to opt for a larger robot with a larger dust bin or a smaller robot to reach tight areas easily.

Role of Smart Sensors?

Robot vacuums with a smart collection of sensors tend to detect obstacles accurately and finds the best possible way to reach their destination. These sensors help the robotic vacuum to avoid colliding with walls etc. Cliff sensors let the vacuum know about increasing the distance of the floor to avoid tipping edges in the case of stairs. Another sensor helps the robot to change its direction when dumped into any object. Some best robotic vacuums might have sensors to detect the amount of dirt and decide on a cleaning mode accordingly.

Different Cleaning Modes?

Just as other stand-up vacuums, the robotic vacuum can be set for cleaning hard floors and carpets easily. In order to adopt a different surface, mostly these robot vacuums change their suction power automatically or you will have to manually change accordingly. These top-rated vacuums come with spot cleaning mode as well, cleaning a specific small area with more suction power, which may include double passes as well if needed.

Best Robot Vacuums 2022 Reviews

1. iRobot Roomba S9+

iRobot Roomba S9+

iRobot Roomba S9+ coming up right at the top on the list of best robot vacuums is no doubt expensive but holds enough potential to clean thoroughly. This updated version by iRobot balances its price with auto emptying dust bin capability, a three-stage cleaning system, and smart home mapping ability. The robotic vacuums can run for continuous almost 2 hours cleaning managing their suction power according to the floor automatically. The slim profile enables it to go under furniture comfortably and can easily clean tighter areas. You can also schedule the robot for cleaning when you are not at home, similarly, with a help of remote control you can switch between different four cleaning modes. The advanced and smart double filter helps the Roomba S9+ to pick up dirt and dust thoroughly. The floor mapping technology of iRobot Roomba S9+ helps it to learn and adapt your home for sometimes a double pass or skipping specific rooms. Last but not the least, this top rated robot vacuum comes with self bin emptying technology, and it automatically returns to its charging dock when drains out.

2. BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Eufy Robovac 11S

BoostIQ RoboVac 11s is another best robotic vacuum with slim profile and amazing other features. This upgraded version comes with a 1.3 kilopascals suction power which is quite something while considering its price. The slim profile measuring 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.9 inches helps it to go easily under furniture and tighter areas. The robot vacuum comes with a BoostIQ suction technology, which provides maximum strength when and wherever needed. RoboVac 11s lacks self bin emptying feature but shouldn’t be an issue while considering all other specifications. It works perfectly well with no much noise production, works silently with not making any disturbance. The robot works for continuous 100 minutes with a single recharge. It comes with bounce navigation technology along with drop and infrared sensors to accurately navigate the cleaning pathways. Edge cleaning is no more a bigger issue, the RoboVac with its compelling compact design can easily reach tighter areas like edges, etc. Lastly, with the BoostIQ feature activated, you might hear some noise. If you need a robot vacuum that has great suction power and is perfectly affordable, BoostIQ RoboVac 11s is a worthy option to go with.

3. ILIFE V3s Pro


iLife V3s Pro is one of the best among best robot Vacuums 2022. It is amazingly affordable with all important specifications. The rich feature set and affordable price tag are two of the biggest selling point of V3s. The tangle-free technology of iLife V3s Pro makes it ideal for pet hair cleaning. Hard areas are super easy to be accessed for cleaning for V3s because of their compact and slim profile. The only thing that might bother you is its noise while cleaning, it produces more noise when compared to most of the competitors at this price tag. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for voice commands, you can access the smart feature set just with a single touch using a remote controller. You are getting three different cleaning modes in your iLife V3s, edge cleaning, spot cleaning, and the whole floor cleaning. The whole floor cleaning mode drains the battery a lot, you will be urged to constantly charge the robot vacuum after cleaning. Similarly, you can let the robot vacuum scheduled for cleaning whenever you are busy somewhere else or not at home. Smart integrated sensors are there to help the robot detect obstacles and find an alternate way to reach its destination.

4. Shark IQ Robot

Shark IQ Robot

Shark IQ coming up next on the list of top-rated robot vacuums 2022, is a budget option with a lot more to offer when it comes to cleaning. It has a big dust bin capable of holding dirt and debris for months. It works with a self-cleaning brush roll and a list of unique features all within a low price tag. With its smart sensors, the Shar IQ Robot maps your home accurately and helps you while cleaning specific rooms or areas. You can set virtual boundaries or no-go areas for the robot to avoid while cleaning, which can be some sensitive areas. For voice commands, you have Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration. Pet owners should be thankful for its self-cleaning brush rolls that captures fur from the carpet thoroughly. The robot vacuum has two different kinds of dust bins, one is inside the robot and another one is on the base which comparatively is larger than the other. The robot when completes its cleaning session, gets back to its base and transfer content to the base bin. With extremely low maintenance, the Shark IQ Robot is one of the most ideal options for budget users when it comes to the best affordable robot vacuums.

5. iRobot Roomba 675

iRobot Roomba 675

The iRobot Roomba 675 is another best budget robot vacuum with amazing cleaning capabilities. The robot gives you smart home integration for voice commands, app control to access useful features with a single touch. The robotic vacuum does a superb job while cleaning up the bare floor but slightly struggles when it comes to picking up pet hairs from carpet. Maneuverability over carpet is exceptional but has disappointing overall performance on carpets. Provides two hours of battery backup with a single recharge. The build quality is amazing and has a catchy overall design, the robot can reach and access tighter spots easily. The regular maintenance thing might bother you a bit, you will have to regularly service the robot vacuum after cleaning, so it’s not the easiest one to maintain. The inbuilt sensor on the robot vacuum needs to be cleaned once a month just with a dry cloth. You can also remove the filter after emptying the dust bin.

6. iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+ is a unique and impressive robot vacuum cleaner with having an advanced and useful feature set. iRobot Roomba i7+ is the most advance in its lineup, in fact, expensive but equipped with smart navigation and mapping capabilities which makes it stand tall among the competitors. The device provides you with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistant integration for voice commands. Whenever the robot works for about 60 days, automatically cleans up its base without asking for any intervention. Out of the box, 10x suction power makes Roomba i7+ suck pet hairs from carpet, dirt, and debris thoroughly. The V-slam navigation technology makes i7+ able to navigates through the shortest smart ways while its cleaning cycle. When drains out of battery, the robot vacuum turns to its charging dock automatically. You can ask the robot to clean up specific areas with more passes. Also, no-go areas can be set for the robot to avoid specific areas. Lastly, the Roomba i7+ produces a low sound which is quite amazing with this much suction power.

7. Shark ION AV751

Shark Ion AV751

You previously heard about BotVac, Deebots, RoboRock, etc. but Shark Ion is another top manufacturer. With its AV751 robotic vacuum, shark Ion has made things greatly tough for other competitors to dominant in the budget vacuums section. Shark Ion AV751 is greatly equipped with high-end specifications that are not obvious to find in entry-level robotic vacuums. The robot works with triple actions brushes for thorough and quick cleaning, brush roll, side brushes, and channel brushes. Bare floors and carpets deep cleansing is the key goal for AV751’s triple action brushes. The robot is equipped with smart sensor navigation 2.0 which keep it to avoid toppling stairs, and avoid other obstacles. The robot works for almost two hours continuously with a single recharge and lacks an auto resuming option for cleaning when fully charged. Shark Ion App is there to provide you with a convenience of accessing different features with your smartphone. You are also getting Google home assistant and Amazon Alexa for integration for voice commands. By setting virtual no-go areas, you can restrict the robotic vacuum to not cross certain areas or boundaries. Lastly, this best budget robot vacuum offers you in terms of specifications than what you actually pay for.

8. Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Tesvor Robot

Tesvor Robotic Vacuum cleaner is another a worthy contender on the list of best robot vacuums 2022. This robot is greatly praised for its long-lasting battery life, cleaning filters, and suction power. 4000PA suction power is more than enough for cleaning dirt, debris, and pet hairs from carpet. You are getting Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant integration for voice commands to handle cleaning sessions without any intervention. Also, the device supports a smartphone application through which you can monitor cleaning activities, switch between cleaning modes, etc. The huge 5200mAH battery keeps the robot boosted to work for more than two hours (150 minutes) with a single recharge. Large room cleaning is no more a bigger issue, this robot provides a 3-layer cleaning filter and a 0.6L dust bin. Build quality is amazing, the device is built from greatly sensitive Anti-Drop and Anti-collision sensors to protect furniture and other things from scratches. Tesvor comes with several interesting cleaning modes, like Quiet mode, the robot work with extremely low noise. Max mode uses full suction power for deep cleansing. For messy floors with more dirt, you can also use the strong mode.

9. BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

The Eufy RoboVac 30C is a low profile, feature-rich, efficient, and most importantly best affordable robot vacuum. The small and compact size helps the robot to reach tighter areas comfortably and cleaning thoroughly. Corner cleaning, under furniture cleaning, is no more a headache now, as Eufy has brought the fittest device to market. Eufy RoboVac 30C holds suction power of 1500 Pascal which is quite something when you talk specifically about budget vacuums. Cleaning pet hairs, cleaning a tight spot on bare floors is easy jobs for RoboVac 30C. Design-wise as we previously said that 30C is just perfect, the thin U-shaped pattern on its top looks pretty promising and elegant. With two tri-spooked brushes, the robot moves with its two rubber wheels. The robotic vacuum can be controlled via a smartphone application, you can switch between different modes easily. For more convenience, you are getting Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant integration. BoostIQ technology is there to increase the suction power for tight spots, it increases power within 1.5 seconds. In short, the RoboVac 30C when compared to 11C, is slightly expensive but worthy of specifications.

10. Neato Robotics Botvac D7

Neato Robotics Botvac D7

Neato BotVac D7 connected is among the top-rated robot vacuums that come with a comparatively greater price tag but pay for its price with out-of-the-box specifications. The device offers you greater battery backup, mapping, and navigation capabilities are just superb, plus when you get smart home integration of Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant for voice commands, the price definitely gets justified. Its design is unique in its own way, the u-shaped build helps it to reach tighter areas and edges easily for cleaning. The robot is ideal for kitchen cleaning, hardwood cleaning, and carpet, etc. You can also set virtual no-go areas for the robot using a smartphone application, the device while its cleaning cycle, will avoid those restricted areas. The robot takes around 2.5 hours to get fully charged and works for continuous 2 hours with maximum suction power. The bin size is also decent, with a 600ML capacity it can hold maximum dirt. Similarly, the Neato BotVac D7 connected comes with 8 pounds of weight which is quite understandable and bearable, you can carry it easily whenever needed. If you need a top-quality midrange robot vacuum, don’t miss out Neato BotVac D7 connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does robot know where to go?

Robotic Vacuums are equipped with smart mapping and navigation sensors just in order to decide the feasible track whenever confront an obstacle. You can set the robot vacuum to clean rooms via smartphone application with few virtually no go areas, by reaching those areas the robot will decide further what to based on its sensors. These robotic vacuums are super intelligent and need not much intervention solely to bring you maximum convenience when it comes to cleaning.

Do Robot Vacuums works without Supervision?

Definitely yes, when we say these robots are meant to handle your cleaning activities, by this we mean to say that they can do their work by themselves using smart features like mapping and navigation. These robot vacuums even don’t needs you to raise a finger when they runs out of charge, they gets back to their charging dock, completes they battery and resumes simultaneously and exactly from where they previously left off. You can schedule cleaning for the robot vacuum and leave home for office or anywhere, at exactly the same time without a second delay, it will start cleaning itself.

How often Do I need to clean the robot vacuum?

For better performance and keeping maintenance in mind, it is recommended to take care of your robot vacuum in terms of cleaning the lasers and sensor regularly (After the 5th cleaning session), or replace and clean the filter whenever needed. Better maintenance is coupled with the life span of a robotic vacuum, the more you keep your robotic vacuum sound with cleanliness, the more you will get benefit out of it.

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