Best Robot Mop 2021

Automation is the new thing everywhere you go, numerous things which no one ever thought of, are now automated and can be seen in the form of smart devices or robots. But when it comes to cleaning, engineers and insightful minds have done a lot for making our daily cleaning chores easy. Robot vacuums have been and are being used a lot in homes now which is obvious because cleaning becomes a lot easier. But now some of the best robot mops are getting popular and so alongside vacuuming, washing and mopping your floors gets a ton easier too.

With best robot mops 2021, you are freed of carrying water buckets and tools of cleaning. All you have to do is to keep the vacuum charged, fill it with water and that’s it, your little robot buddy will do all he cleaning. And what’s more interesting is that these robots come in vacuum and mop combo which means it will first do all the suction and then wash or mop the floor. As for shopping a robot mop, let’s get done with it by going through reviews and buyer’s guide for these best robotic mops.

Best Robot Mop 2021

  1. iRobot Braava Jet 240
  2. Roborock S6
  3. iRobot Braava Jet M6
  4. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8
  5. iRobot Braava 380t
  6. ILIFE V8s Robotic Mop
  7. Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum
  8. ILIFE Shinebot W400

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Are Robot Mops Worth it?

Before cracking the best mop robot reviews, let’s get to know if a robot mop is actually worth spending money on. Well, the usage of a robot mop at your home of office really depends on what and who you have at home. Do you live alone or you live with family and you have children along? Is most of the floor carpeted or you have wide areas on tiles and vinyl plank floors?

You spending some bucks on a robot mop will be worth it if you have children and pets around, this way you do not have to worry about cleaning again and again. Also, if you would like to clean more but you do not get enough time for it, a robotic mop will actually come to the rescue here. And being honest, no one has the time neither energy to carry around bucket and mop while looking for stains your children might have left while playing. Now obviously, for tough and big stains a robot mop might not work really good, but truth behold around 80 percent of the times you won’t need to switch back to a manual moping system.

What is the Best Robot Mop?

Now, how to buy the best robot mop? Of course, it’s not so simple as buying a mop and bucket, you have to think of numerous things and then make your final decision. This way, you will be able to get your hands on the best thing available. Here is what you need to check before you choose yourself a best mopping robot.

Battery Life

The first and most important thing to check in a robot mop is its battery life. It simply won’t mean anything if your robot comes with not so good battery life. Now obviously, better the battery life, higher will be the price of the vacuum but this sort of investment is not in vain. A minimum of 90 minutes is what you need when speaking of good battery life. Now a little lower than this won’t be bad provided you get it for a good price. But make sure you do not go anywhere below an hour because then the mop won’t be effective.

Surface Coverage

This is where most people get trapped and they look for robot mops which have higher coverage area. The rule here is pretty basic, go for what you need, do not buy something which does far more than what you will ever need and this obviously will ask for a higher price. Normally, a 100 to 1000 square feet is what you will get on most vacuums. So you simply have to figure out the area where you will be using your robot mop and then buy based on that.


It is better if your robot mop is easy to charge, clean and comes with cleaning pads which are easy to swap. This way you won’t find the process hectic. This factor isn’t directly related to the price because it’s not a feature per se, but on the contrary, it is related to how the vacuum is designed. So make sure, you won’t be getting into a lot of trouble when filling the water tank or emptying the bin.

Scheduling and App integration

You can control your best robot vacuum mop from the physical button on it. However, it is much convenient to access it from an app on your smartphone, this way you can check what you robot mop is up to and set the schedule from anywhere. Almost all robot mops come with this feature, but you have to make sure just in case.

Cleaning Modes

Most robot vacuums will come with multiple cleaning modes, although some will have only one mode which you won’t be able to change. Anyway, if you want multiple modes, make sure you get what you need. Among cleaning modes of a best wet robot vacuum cleaner, you will get wet mode, damp mode and dry mode. The wet mode spills more water and gets done with more cleaning cycles than any other mode. Then comes the dry mode, where a less amount of water is used and you get a clean floor. And finally, there is the dry mode which is usually good for single cycles after wet mopping in order to dry the surface, or you can use it for areas that are moist.


This is not something directly related to the performance of a vacuum but it’s good to have. You might need to change rooms or take your robot mop upstairs and here you will want your robot mop to be portable and lightweight. So make sure you do not buy a bulky thing unless you really need it.

Best Robot Mop 2021

1. iRobot Braava Jet 240

iRobot Braava Jet 240

If you love your space being mopped every time it is needed, this little buddy over here is what you should peek into. Thousands of happy users are proof towards the fact that the Braava Jet 240 is one of the best moping robots, although it is very much suitable for small spaces in contrast to large homes and offices. Not that it won’t be good for large places but it simply won’t be that much efficient. So in short, if you live in a studio, one bed apartment or you have a small office, this is what you should be really looking into.

Speaking of design, this robot mop comes with astonishing dimensions and weighs below 3 pounds which makes very easy to move it between rooms. Operating it is quite simple, it comes with cleaning button which lies on top of it, from here you can start or stop mopping. Besides, what it does efficiently is to get into hard to reach areas like under chairs or places like kitchen and washrooms. Moreover, it comes with multiple cleaning modes which makes it even more worthy of the price it is offered at. You get all three wet, damp and dry mopping on it which you can control from the app and also easily change the mopping pads. As for the battery efficiency, it gets fully charged inn around 2 hours and gives you a backup of around 1 hour.

2. Roborock S6

Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 is not an economical machine in terms of budget, but it is amazing in terms of cleaning efficiency and other features. First of all, it is not just a robot mop but comes with both vacuuming and mopping capabilities, also it senses the floor types and adjusts its cleaning modes accordingly. It comes in round shape which has its own benefits, however its weight is not anything near to be called portable because it is 8 pounds.

Since it can be connected to its own app on your smartphone and is also smart home compatible, this makes it even more fun to use. The first time you connect it to its app, it will take you through a series of settings wherein you will be able to set virtual boundaries and differentiate between different rooms. And once set, you won’t need to deal with these settings again and again. As for battery performance, it gives you a backup of around 3 hours which is insane but so is the price. What’s more is that it is pretty quite and you get to do a ton of customization.

3. iRobot Braava Jet M6

iRobot Braava Jet M6

iRobot Braava Jet M6 literally is the best robot mop you can buy in 2021 but alas the high price. Before going into the details, what makes it so special is its quite nature, exceptional navigation efficiency and the small size. It can reach any corner of your home you want and will do the mopping better than anything. What’s more, is that this mopping robot is compatible with almost all famous smart home systems like Alexa which makes your day better that it would have been.

Speaking of its design, besides good dimensions and size, it weight 5 pounds only which is well within the limits of being called portable. All its operation buttons lie on top which obviously is a factor in its ease of use. A special feature which you won’t find in most robot mops and vacuums is that it learns the layout of the space you clean daily and then builds its own map which it follows for efficient cleaning and battery performance. Finally, a 1000 square feet area coverage is what sets i apart form most of its robot mopping competitors.

4. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8

At times, budget robot vacuums or mops will annoy you because their less-intelligent behavior like getting stuck at wires of some appliance on the floor or such silly things. This is where high end robotic mops like the Deebot Ozmo T8 comes to the rescue. No doubt, the budget options will do almost same cleaning as this one, but here you will get features like remote monitoring, exceptional recognition and avoidance of obstacles, and better than most battery life. This best robotic mop runs on artificial intelligence and visual interpretation technology which makes sure that obstacles are identified and avoided by itself.

Moreover, it comes with a large number of sensors which is pretty much the reason for its high price. Also, there is a camera on it which lets you view the cleaning process remotely. But you must want more for the insanely high amount you will be spending on this, and yes this is where its exceptionally battery comes in. You get a battery backup which is a little shy of 3 hours and with this it covers more than 1000 square feet of area which again makes it an amazing robot mop for large rooms or a house for that matter.

5. iRobot Braava 380t

iRobot Braava 380t

iRobot is mostly the reason why robot vacuum and mops are popular and no doubt they manufacture them with a great deal of dedication. The Braava 380t is what most people go for, which is mainly because its lower price and some good features. You might not find the best sort of features and entire automation like some high end robot mops, but it definitely is worth the bucks you spend on it.

Automatic avoidance of obstacles and good navigation are not the best side of this robot mop, but what actually makes it worth the investment is over 2 hours of battery backup. On a charge of around 4 hours, you get to use this machine for 4 hours of sweeping or above 2 hours of mopping. You normally do not get this sort of battery life at this price among robot mops and vacuums. What it lacks is app connection and remote control, you will have to use either the sweep or mop button on top of it.

6. ILIFE V8s Robotic Mop

ILIFE V8s Robotic Mop

The V8s by ILIFE comes with a number of good features which makes if preferable for many users but ultimate cleaning performance is not the strong side of it. Sure, it does both vacuuming and mopping nicely but man, you should not be trying it for very tough stains. OK, but what makes it a good one, well there is a number of things which actually can make you want to buy it. The very first reason why you should consider buying this robot is the fact that you get both a vacuum and a robot mop which honestly is a nice thing for the given price.

Now, for other good factors on it, you get a robot mop which is short, it has a niche height which makes it pretty much manageable for to to get under almost anything at your home, this is something you might need. Then comes a larger bin for debris and dirt collection, it’s big enough to keep debris from multiple floors. However, should you choose to switch to the mopping side of it, you will have to manually replace the bin with water tank. You obviously do not get to connect it with an app or smart home systems for that matter, however it does come with its own remote control. And as for the battery, an hour and 30 minutes is superb given the budget friendly price.

7. Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum

Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum

If saving money is your priority but you still want all the good features in your robot mop then Coredy R580 is what you should be taking on as an option. You will get all the bells and whistles on it and nicely enough they all work up to the mark. However, the overall look, feel, quality and cleaning performance will never hit as that of the high-end robot mops. This is obvious sense cutting on cost directly effect the performance in many ways. But still, within budget, this is the best robot vacuum and mop you can get.

Interestingly enough, despite the low price it comes with smart home compatibility from where you can command it to do a number of things. Besides, it comes with multiple mopping modes which again is handy feature to have. Also, Coredy R580 comes with a good number of accessories like extra brushes which actually relieves you from hectic cleaning processes. Finally, pet owners would benefit the most from it because of its high suction of vacuum which nicely sucks and clean all pet hair.

8. ILIFE Shinebot W400

ILIFE Shinebot W400

This robot mop is very much different from other robotic mops in terms of how it cleans and other features. To start of, it basically scrubs the floor you use it on, this obviously makes it clear that tough stains will be easily removed. But what brings it down to a lower position is that there is no remote control to compatibility with any sort of a external system. However, this cutting of a nice feature being s the price down to a very affordable level.

So, if you have more hardwood floors at your home compared to carpeted ones, you should simply go for this little buddy. For cleaning the floor, it comes with four different modes which are path, area, spot and edge. These names of the modes are pretty self-explanatory, and so one can only imagine how handy this machine will be. As for the battery, it will easily work for above 30 minutes which is good considering the lower price.

Final Words
Robot vacuums got popular a few years back and then robot mops were introduced which also made space for them. And this is pretty obvious, because who wouldn’t want a good little buddy cleaning all the mess after you. So, some of the best robot mops ere reviewed above, you will get to know high-end and budget robot mops as well, some of them are 2 in so you get both a vacuum and a mop, good luck with the final selection.

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