Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2022

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We have rounded up the best car vacuum cleaners 2022 on the basis of their performance, price and designs. Car vacuum cleaners are so beneficial in many ways, clean your car within no time, saving your time and energy. We have also added detailed buyers guide with all key factors plus for your convenience, we have added a section of frequently asked questions to clear your queries and ambiguities. Go through the list below and select one that best suits your budget and requirement.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners 2022

  1. Armor All AA255
  2. Dirt Devil Scorpion
  3. Black Decker Vacuum
  4. BISSELL AeroSlim
  5. Shark CH951 UltraCyclone
  6. HOTOR Car Vacuum
  7. VacLife Vacuum
  8. Hoover DustChaser

Keeping your car clean and spotless can surely extend your vehicle’s life. Technological advancements have made these hectic chores a piece of cake, a Best car vacuum cleaner can reach tight and unreachable areas like a breeze sucking crumbs and removing dust efficiently. Some car vacuums include Dusting and motorized brushes which help to remove tighter messes easily preventing them from becoming a stain on your car seats. There are plenty of options available in the market like handheld, cordless, corded, and wet and dry vac. If you are confused about what car vacuum type you should choose, read individual product reviews below and then decide on which one to go with.

If you are tight on budget, we have entertained each user category in this article, whether it’s a budget user or one with a premium budget and requirements.
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How to choose a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Types:

There are several car vacuum types available in the market each offering different kinds of specifications and designs. Below are few key types mentioned in detail to help you clear your mind about your requirement.
Handheld: If you are someone who prefers portability more than anything else, there could be no other car vacuum type that can offer you portability more than Handheld vacuums. These vacuums carry low weight and have a minimal design that you can easily carry as per your need. Handheld vacuums along with portability offer amazing cleaning capabilities. They seem like a conventional dustbuster, can thoroughly clean tight spots of your car.

Shop Vacuum: Shop vacuums are often found in garages and shops because of their distinct set of specifications and capabilities, and that is the only reason why are they different from the rest. These vacuums are slightly larger in size, not preferable if you are considering portability much. Basically, a conventional Shop vacuum consists of a base that helps it to sit firmly on the ground eliminating movement, to hold dirt and debris it comes with a large basin. Plus, other features include dry/wet capability and wheels for convenient mobility.

Dry Vac Vs. Wet/Dry: The key difference between vacuums is what they are able to clean. Most of the vacuums out there in the market come with the capability of cleaning dirt, dust, sand, trash, etc. On another hand, other vacuum cleaners come with the capability of wet and dry cleaning, which means along with regular dust and debris cleaning these vacuums are able to handle liquid cleaning with no hurdle. In case if you are facing issues related to drinking spills or snow in your car, Vacuums with wet & dry capabilities should be your top priority.

Power Source

Power sources in car vacuums range from standard AC cords to some vacuums that are configured with batteries to provide power, also known as cordless vacuums. It is widely observed that vacuums that get power from outlets are better with suction power when compared to those that are battery-powered. Unless you have the latest battery-powered Milwaukee 0880-20 model, you will get relatively low suction power, but these models are $100 expensive. Corded Vacuums are not up to the mark maneuverability and you might face cord range issues. With cordless vacuums, you won’t face issues related to vacuum navigation and short cord, etc. You might witness some vacuums with both power options of battery utilizing and cord option. Some car vacuums cleaners are configured with 12-volt power cords that are specifically designed for vehicle charging ports.

Tank Capacity:

Tank capacity or dirt and debris holding capacity of a vacuum cleaner can be determined by the overall size, the larger the vacuum, the more likely it will be capable of holding a greater amount of dirt and debris. Shop and canister vacuums are observed to be able to have debris holding capabilities greater than others. Most of the handheld vacuums come with smaller debris holding tanks, so you will want to make sure the tank capacity advance – before buying one – that it can hold debris of at least a single cleaning cycle. Car vacuums with both wet and dry capability might need some attention in this area, might require swapping of filters from cloth to foam in order to keep the motor safe from getting damaged,

Suction Power:

The suction power of a Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most important aspects you should take into consideration while buying one. Suction power mostly depends on the motor’s strength of a vacuum and batteries which provides power. Handheld vacuums for cars may not be able to provide you the best suction power. While cleaning up your car, you might not need a very huge amount of suction power, a little will get your job done of picking up dirt and crumbs unless you have deeply embedded animal fur in your car.

Weight and Portability

Weight and Portability are the two most important factors that are correlated to each other. Cordless vacuum cleaners are observed to provide maximum maneuverability and versatility because of their low weights, they can easily reach and clean tighter areas of the car. A shop vacuum cleaner might not offer greater portability when compared to handheld vacuums. You will need to sacrifice a large tank in order to get the maximum portability possible.


It is always useful to go with right tools for the right job, if your car vacuum cleaner don’t have right tools/attachments/accessories to give you perfect cleaning then its totally useless. If your car vacuum cleaner isn’t able to reach underneath seats, crevices, or scrub tight spots, you won’t be able to get 100% work done from your cleaner.

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1. ArmorAll AA255

ArmorAll AA255

ArmorALl AA255 is the best car vacuum cleaner which is quite capable of picking up both wet and dry. The device is amazingly portable with a low ability to easily fit-in in your trunk. ArmorAll AA255 is designed specifically to bring your cars, trucks, RVs, etc. thorough and efficient cleanings. The only thing about the AA255 model that might both you is that it doesn’t have any wheels, so you would have to pick up the whole package while cleaning your car. It comes with a tank capacity of holding 2.5 gallons and despite its small and compact size, ArmorAll comes with an assortment of attachments. The attachments include a concentration tool, floor nozzle, crevice tool, and car nozzle and these things make the vacuum able to clean every area of your car. The included nozzle is used for the blower function. If you need a vacuum for only cleaning up your car, ArmorAll AA255 is one of the best shop vacs for us to go with.

2. Dirt Devil Scorpion

Dirt Devil Scorpion

Dirt Devil Scorpion is a handheld vacuum cleaner that can bring your car cleaning to the next level with its amazing features. The most ideal vacuum for clean-ups in houses, garages, workshops, and cars, etc. Dirt Devil Scorpion comes with a strapping motor (7 Ampere) that has amazing suction power – able to pick up sand and pebbles – easily can clean tough messes. The vacuum weighs almost 4 pounds, which is bearable, and no cuts have been made in battery backup because of its weight. Because of this minimal weight, the vacuum can be comfortably maneuvered for different types of cleanings. The Dirt Devil Scorpion includes a plastic extender on its peak which flips in into a place for a longer crevice tool. Suction power is exceptional, thanks to its 7-ampere motor and 16-foot long cord which allow you to clean conveniently. With continuous usage for 15 to 20 minutes, your vacuum might get slightly heated.

3. Black Decker Handheld 16V

Black Decker Handheld 16V

Black Decker Dustbuster is one of the best handheld car vacuum cleaners with superb design and offers an amazing set of features. This cordless car vacuum cleaner is solely made for cleaning up tight messy stuff from your car – in fact, a spot cleaning beast you can call this. The vacuum is exceptionally portable with minimal weight, which means you can effortlessly and swiftly clean small messes and spills without worrying about moving about a heavy conventional upright vacuum. Apart from car cleaning, the vacuum can be used for picking up debris from bare floors in places like the kitchen, etc. The only disappointing factor about Black Decker Handheld 16V is its short-term battery backup, drains out quickly (10 minutes at maximum), and takes around 4 hours to get full charges. The dirt compartment is relatively small but understandable for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

4. BISSELL AeroSlim


BISSELL AeroSlim is a lightweight and user-friendly handheld car vacuum cleaner that can be also used for cleaning up bare floors and low pile carpets. The vacuum comes with a simple design that makes it super easy to maintain with no recurring cost. When it comes to car cleaning, Bissel AeroSlim performs an amazing job, its cordless nature and with the inclusion of a crevice, the extension helps it to reach and clean tight areas easily. Also, the vacuum is pretty much effective in picking up pet hairs, cleaning materials like sand 7 soda from low pile carpets. Its dirt compartments are slightly tinny when compared to others and feel relatively flimsy. Overall build quality is trustworthy, it is made up of sturdy plastic. It includes a washable filter, you clean up the filter whenever feels a decline in the performance of a vacuum. On average, the BISSELL AeroSlim works for almost 13 minutes continuously with a single recharge and takes 3 hours to get fully recharge again.

5. Shark CH951 UltraCyclone

Shark CH951 UltraCyclone

Shark ultraCyclone CH951 is another top rated Car vacuum cleaner capable of providing top-level performance on all kinds of surfaces. The vacuum cleaner includes a turbo brush feature which offers self cleaning brush roll in order to pick up hairs easily. The vacuum cleaner includes a small dirt compartment and provides a battery backup of 11 minutes with continuous usage and takes 3 hours to get fully recharge. The vacuum’s build quality is outstanding, made up of strong plastic. Shark ultraCyclone CH951 does an amazing job when it comes to car cleaning, it can maneuver within your car easily and can clean the low pile carpet thoroughly. The dust cup can be emptied whenever filled because it is small in size, and you also can remove the dust cup filter entirely just by pulling the dust cup by a plastic frame. The including handle helps to carry the vacuum easily while cleaning, enhances the overall portability.

6. HOTOR Car Vacuum

HOTOR Car Vacuum

Hotor car vacuum is a budget car vacuum cleaner with promising efficiency. The exceptionally low weight of 2.44 pounds makes the vacuum extremely portable, the lightest option available so far in the market, and this helps the vacuum to maneuver easily while cleaning the car’s interior. HOTOR Car Vacuum suffers while picking up pet hairs, so not ideal for car cleaning regarding pet hairs. There is no other vacuum available in the market when it comes to price, Hotor is exceptionally affordable with around 40 dollars price. It includes attachments like a crevice tool, washable filters, a 16.4-foot long cord, and a storage case. It includes an LED light which helps it to thoroughly work both in brightness and darkness. The double filtration feature helps the vacuum to keep suction stable. HOTOR Car Vacuum’s has a detachable dust cup, which you can easily empty when ever filled.

7. VacLife Vacuum

VacLife Vacuum

VacLife cleaner is among the best car vacuum cleaners 2022 because of its minimal design, long-lasting battery life when compared to others on the list, amazing suction cleaning capabilities, and useful attachments. The three different types of nozzles can surely fulfill all your cleaning needs. With its minimal and modern design, the vacuum can reach hard areas like underneath furniture and sofa gaps, etc. easily. Plus, it includes an LED light which helps it to work efficiently in both darker and bright areas easily. The powerful motor of a VacLife Vacuum cleaner helps it to clean everything you want like a breeze. 30 minutes continuous run time is a catchy thing about this high-end car vacuum cleaner. The dust brush roll and crevice tool make the vacuum reach tougher areas easily and clean them up efficiently. VacLife Vacuum weighs around 1.94 pounds and takes 2-3 hours to get fully recharged.

8. Hoover DustChaser

Hoover DustChaser

Hoover DustChaser is another top rated car vacuum cleaner that comes with advanced features to makes cleaning your car from dirt and debris super easy. Not only car cleaning, because of its power and efficiency, but the vacuum can also be used anywhere you want. It comes with a lightweight nature and pretty much a catchy design. Noticeably, the Hoover DustChaser comes with a high-quality motor, it has 2 times more suction than most of the best car vacuums on the list above. The built-in extended nozzle, 2 in 1 crevice tool, and upholstery tool help it to tackle dirt, debris, pet hairs, etc. conveniently inside your car or your house. The minimal weight of around 3 pounds with perfect design makes it easy to use and store the vacuum cleaner. The removable and rechargeable 2.0 Ah battery helps it to run for continuous 13 minutes. What makes the Hoover DustChaser more a unique cleaner is its dual filtration which helps it to capture dust, pet hairs and dander, and allergens efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other applications of a Car vacuum cleaner?

A Best Car vacuum cleaner isn’t just limited to only cleaning your car, there are so many other house chores that you can get done with a help of a car vacuum cleaner. By having a car vacuum cleaner, you can conveniently clean boats, you can do dusting of furniture and patio structures inside your home, furniture upholstery, removing pet hairs, etc.

How long should my vacuum cleaner last?

There’s no specific answer to this question, it all depends upon the quality of a vacuum and nature of usage. If you are regularly doing or considering maintenance work on your vacuum, it is likely to spend greater time (Almost 5 years). Manufacturers like Black Decker and Dyson provide two years of working warranties.

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