Best Canister Vacuum 2022: (Reviews and Guide)

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House cleaning has always been a hectic job for most people. Those houses with much carpeting, bare floors, stair sets, etc make things more complicated when cleaning with the help of bulky vacuum cleaners or typical cleaning brushes. If this is the case with your household then you have to invest in the best canister vacuum 2022 that comes handier in situations like these.

Canister vacuums are often light, flexible, and more versatile than upright vacuums. And to tell you the truth, the best canister vacuums are really good at the job of cleaning hardwood, tile, and hard floors as well as low pile rugs and looped carpets. More, you can easily carry it with two hands as they are not very hefty rather they are the light ones. This article holds the 10 best canister vacuum cleaner reviews as well as a detailed buying guide to make it easy for you to have the best pick.

Best Canister Vacuum 2022:

  1. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G
  2. Kenmore Elite 81714
  3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+
  4. Dyson Big Ball
  5. Miele Grey Classic C1
  6. Ovente Bagless ST2010
  7. Eureka NEN110A
  8. Bissell Hard Floor Expert 1547
  9. Severin Germany Nonstop MY7115
  10. Bissell Deluxe 1161

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does more power motor mean more suction power?

Most people believe that if a vacuum has more power then it will have more suction power but it isn’t true. Power is actually the consumption of energy by a vacuum. There are other factors that are more influential in this regard. For example, attaching the correct tools and closed airflow will have more effect on the consumption power of the vacuum cleaner. After 2017, vacuum no longer manufacture more than 900 vacuums and still have enough suction power as before.

Do I need a canister vacuum or upright vacuum?

Canister vacuums are more portable, more versatile and mainly targeted at smooth flooring system. If you have smooth floors at home that need to be cleaning, canister vacuums are the best. While canister vacuums are more suitable for homes with a lot of carpet that needs cleanings.

Best Canister Vacuum 2022

1. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

Mighty Mite 3670G is well known for its great performance, mobility, versatility, and compact design. It is one of the best canister vacuums that offer a lot of features for homes having hard, wooden floors and garage but not carpets. More, you can get it at a very reasonable price. Further, the durability of Mite 3670G is on top as its build quality is excellent. While the 8.6 pounds of weight and fairly small size make it the light and comfortable one to move around or to carry upstairs when cleaning your home. More, the vacuum cleaner can easily be move from one place to another for cleaning due to its large wheels and 20 feet long cord. Also, the wheels are strong and can move across hard and soft surfaces. Thus enhances the ease of use.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is equipped with a 12 amp motor that not only offers strong suction power but also makes the cleaning very quick. With that suction power, it can clean up dust, dirt, cheerios, debris, and many more. The suction power of it can be adjusted by a ring-like thing on the handle. Talking about its performance, Mite 3670G is better for cleaning bare floor surfaces such as hardwood or tiled floors and also pet hair due to its powerful suction power. But it is not good for cleaning thick carpets due to the lack of motorized brush roll rather the flat and thin pile carpet can easily be cleaned by it.

Mite3670G is a bagged canister vacuum which means that it does not let the dust into the air, so allergic people or those who have asthma can also clean their homes with it. But keep in mind that there is no HEPA filtration system in it but it has a triple filtration bag system. Moreover, the bare-floor nozzle of the top canister vacuum can clean the chunk of debris, dirt, and dust that is caked onto the hard floors. It comes with 2 extendable wands which will help you in the cleaning of dust and dirt from walls, ceilings, and beneath the furniture. The other included tools are a crevice tool, a combo of dusting brush and an upholstery tool, and a carpet/bare floor nozzle.

2. Kenmore Elite 81714

Kenmore Elite 81714

Elite 81714 is an all-around canister vacuum that can clean anything from pet hair to chunks of debris on hard floors along with the high-pile carpets, thanks to its 2 motor system. But to get this, you have to spend some bucks on it. More, the convenient stair grip doesn’t let fall the vacuum from the stairs while you are cleaning the stairs. Further, it weighs 22 pounds, so it will be a little bit heavy but you will be fond of this canister vacuum when you look at its other features. Also, the 26 feet retractable cord makes it more convenient for cleaning large houses.

When it comes to performance, Elite 81714 is the most performant vacuum cleaner than others in the market. Its dual-motor system provides powerful suction for deep cleaning. That’s why it can very easily clean dust, dirt, and debris on hard floors like tiled or wooden floors, walls, ceiling, and even your car’s interiors. It can quickly and efficiently vacuum pet hair on carpet or sofas and also those areas which are hard to reach with its motorized Pet PowerMate attachment. More, Kenmore Elite 81714 is a bagged canister having a HEPA filtration system. The HEPA filter ensures trapping of 99.7% dust, debris, and allergens. Hence, if you have asthma or are allergic to dust and debris then you don’t have to worry about it anymore because Elite 81714 gives you a pollutant-free environment.

Furthermore, the best rated vacuum cleaner comes with an extendable wand that helps in cleaning those areas which are difficult to reach. Moreover, this canister vacuum comes with all the needed tools and accessories for cleaning. A crevice nozzle for cleaning hard-to-access places and an upholstery brush for cleaning curtains, furniture, stairs, and car seats. Also a dusting brush for vacuuming of corners, cabinets, and baseboards, and a fan toll for those edges that are pile-up of dust and dirt. Additionally, with its swivel steering system, it can be easily maneuvered for picking up dust or dirt under furniture.

3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+

Miele Electro+

If you are in search of the most efficient, powerful, and compact canister vacuum and at the same time, budget is not a problem for you then Miele Compact C2 is the best one. The C2 Electro+ is a premium canister that can efficiently clean all types of surfaces including smooth and hard surfaces and from low to high pile carpets. Design-wise, the C2 is a compact and lightweight canister vacuum by weighing just 11 pounds. Hence, you can effortlessly move or carry it from room to room or up and downstairs while cleaning your home. On top of that, its 21 feet long retractable cord is enough for cleaning big houses without switching outlets.

Miele’s C2 Electro+ is famous for deep cleaning. With its powerful suction, it can easily vacuum dirt, debris, and dust on hard floors, rugs, and high piled carpets. More, a rotary dial on the canister body offers 6 stages of suction which allows you to increase or decrease the suction power for cleaning hard or delicate items. Furthermore, the bagged canister comes with a Sealed 12-Stage Air Clean System, and the HEPA filtration system guarantee 99.99% trapping of dust particles. That’s why it’s a perfect pick for people who are suffering from asthma or allergies. Moreover, its bag full indicator keeps you informed when to change the dust bag.

The top canister vacuum has a telescopic stainless steel wand for hard-to-access areas. Electro+ offers 5 tools; two of which are powerheads. A Powered Floor Brush powerhead for vacuuming of soft and plush carpets and also smooth flooring. And a Parquet Floor Brush powerhead is for cleaning hard and hardwood floors. The other 3 tools include a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush which can be used for different cleaning purposes. Another good feature of this canister vacuum is its special noise insulation which means that C2 is the quieter one. Hence, Electro+ offers all those features which you want to be in your new vacuum for your home.

4. Dyson Big Ball

Dyson Big Ball

Dyson Big Ball is a multi-floor canister vacuum that offers strong performance, versatility, and outstanding usability. More, Big Ball makes it very convenient to deep cleanse high pile carpets, rugs and especially hard floors either wooden or tile. Another good feature of Big Ball is the Self Righting which means that it automatically rights itself whenever the vacuum topples over. Further, the 17.64 pounds of weight makes it a bulky one but you can easily move around it on the floor with its big rubber wheels. More, with the Big Ball technology, it can effortlessly twist or turn around furniture and obstacles. Also, the 21.7 feet long retractable power cord is enough for vacuuming large houses.

Dyson Big Ball features a 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology that gives incredible suction power of 250AW. With such powerful suction, Big Ball can efficiently clean large debris, dirt, and pet hairs from hard surfaces as well as low or high pile carpets. Also, the best bagless canister vacuum has housed a 1.6-liter hygienic dust bin which is enough for storing all of your home’s dust. That’s why you don’t need to empty it every five minutes. Moreover, this model comes with a lifetime and washable filter. Besides, Big Ball has a HEPA filtration system that prevents dust and allergens from polluting the air.

The multi-floor canister vacuum comes with an ergonomic handle, a long flexible hose, and an extendable wand. Thus the maneuverability of Big Ball is on top. Also, this canister vacuum provides a Turbine Multi-Floor tool which is perfectly built for vacuuming hard floors and surfaces. Dyson Big Ball also offers some useful tools like a crevice tool, dusting brush, stair tool, and wand rotator tool. Further, this model produces negligible noise because it has been made of sound insulating materials. Last but not the least, the best canister vacuum 2022 comes with 5 years warranty.

5. Miele Grey Classic C1

Miele Grey Classic C1

Miele has been well known for manufacturing home appliances and especially vacuums. So, if you have used Miele’s vacuums previously then you definitely know its true value and we hope that you will also love its Grey Classic C1 canister vacuum. This vacuum offers great performance and a lot of accessories at an affordable price. With the Classic C1, you can clean dust, dirt, and debris on all types of surfaces either hard or soft, and carpets i.e low or high piles. More, the C1 is a bit heavy with 16.1 pounds of weight but on the bright side, it can easily move around with its 3-wheeled system, long wand, and 18 feet long retractable cord when cleaning your home.

The vortex motor of C1 provides excellent suction power. Having such incredible suction, it can clean any kind of dirt and debris. Furthermore, there is a variable suction knob that can be used for increasing or decreasing the suction depending on the surface you are cleaning. Moreover, the C1 does not have a HEPA filtration system but its triple filtration bag system ensures that no dust or dirt particles leak into the air and also properly stores the dust in the bag. Further, the 7 years warranty makes C1 the best canister vacuum 2022.

Next, the stainless steel expandable wand and long hose make it good for cleaning hard-to-access areas like ceiling, etc. Classic C1 offers two different cleaning heads; one is a Pure suction combination floorhead for vacuuming all types of floors. The other one is a Pure suction parquet floorhead for cleaning hard and delicate surfaces. Besides, C1 has three tools including a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool for cleaning different parts of your house. Also, C1 does not create much noise while vacuuming.

6. Ovente Bagless ST2010

Ovente Bagless Canister

If you don’t have enough budget for purchasing new bags for your bagged canister vacuum then let’s have a look at the best bagless canister vacuum. Ovente ST2010 comes with a lot of features including cyclonic filtration and also you can buy it at a very reasonable price. ST2010 can smoothly move around while vacuuming your home due to its 14 pounds of weight. More, this handy vacuum cleaner is very convenient because of its step button for turning it ON/OFF and a telescopic wand which helps you in the cleaning of ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas. Further, the 360-degree hose swivel and a retractable power cord of 15.8 feet offer excellent maneuverability. But ST2010 is good for cleaning small houses due to the short length of the cord.

Additionally, the 1200W electric motor offers plenty of suction power. Having such a good suction, ST2010 can clean anything like dust, dirt, and debris on hard and wooden floors and also low and high pile carpets. Moreover, this canister vacuum has a transparent dust bin where you can also check the amount of dirt at any time. The air filtration of Ovente ST2010 is based on cyclonic filtration and mechanical filtration having HEPA filters. It doesn’t mean that ST2010 has a true HEPA filtration system but it only has HEPA filters. Still, it traps 99% of allergens and dust particles.

This bagless canister vacuum is appropriate for different surfaces due to the multiple tools that it offers. The included tools are a floor brush for cleaning hard floors, carpets, and mats. A crevice nozzle for vacuuming corners and hard-to-reach places, a bristle brush to clean curtains, shelves, and furniture. And a sofa or pet brush for vacuuming of pet hairs and fur. Hence, if you are in need of a versatile and bagless canister vacuum then we suggest the Ovente ST2010.

7. Eureka NEN110A

Eureka NEN110A

Let’s have a look at another bagless and lightweight canister vacuum which is Eureka NEN110A. What makes this canister vacuum more praiseworthy is that you don’t need extra filters as you can wash them whenever needed. More, NEN110A has a weight of 8.3 pounds that makes it the lightest one for moving around while cleaning your house. Further, the maneuverability of it is on top due to the swivel steering and telescoping metal wand. Which also gives you the benefit of cleaning dirt under or around furniture and ceilings or walls. Also, the 16 feet long power cord provides a larger reach for cleaning small houses.

Furthermore, the electric motor of Eureka NEN110A offers great suction power. That’s why it can clean hard floors like tiled or hardwood floors and carpet either low or high pile. More, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a multi-surface cleaning head which provides three different cleaning/suction modes for carpet, upholstery, and hard floors. You can switch between the mode by just pushing a button on the handle. So, with the help of these suction modes, you can easily vacuum dust or debris on hard floors as well as the type of materials used on that hard floor.

The best canister vacuum 2022 comes with a dual-cyclone filtration system that efficiently traps all the dust and dirt particles and gives you an allergen-free environment but not like the HEPA certified canister vacuums. Besides NEN110A provides all the necessary tools and accessories including a 2-in-1 crevice tool and dusting brush. Further, the two-liter dustbin is capable of holding plenty of dirt and debris. In the end, if your house contains multiple surfaces like hard floors, carpets, and upholstery then Eureka NEN110A is for you.

8. Bissell Hard Floor Expert 1547

Bissell Hard Floor Expert

The “Hard Floor Expert 1547” is perfectly built by Bissell’s designers for efficiently vacuuming hard floors and tough dirt or debris. Not only that but it can also clean high pile carpets and delicate surfaces. Bissell 1547 is a simple, compact, and portable canister vacuum by weighing just 9.3 pounds. Thus, moving it from one room to another is very easy and gives you a convenient cleaning experience. Apart from this, the extendable metal wand and 18 feet retractable power cord make it long enough for cleaning stairways, ceilings, walls, and other hard-to-access areas of your house.

The most powerful canister vacuum is equipped with multi-cyclonic technology that produces strong suction power. Therefore, you will love Bissell 1547 for the effective cleaning of pet hair, debris, and dirt on hard floors like tiled floors and wooden floors. Not only that but it can also offer deep cleaning for carpets full of dirt. More, the two-stage filtration system of Bissell 1547 guarantees that no dust or dirt particles escape into the air during vacuuming. Moreover, the 2-liter dustbin is enough to store all of your house dirt at once.

Bissell 1547 comes with two attachments i.e Hard floor Turbine foot and multi-surface foot. The Turbine foot utilizes a rolling brush head having soft bristles that help in lifting the tough dirt on hard floors without damaging them. While the multi-surface foot is for vacuuming carpets, rugs, and delicate surfaces. Also, Bissell 1547 has two extra tools including the crevice tool and dusting brush for different cleaning purposes. So, if you have pets in your home or just want a powerful canister then you should go for Bissell 1547.

9. Severin Germany Nonstop MY7115

Severin Germany Nonstop

Severin is a German company that is well known for its home appliances all around the world. Now when it comes to bagless canister vacuums then the Nonstop corded is at the front line. The best budget canister vacuum provides an efficient and lifetime filter. This vacuum cleaner is the durable and silent one. Also, with its simple and clear design, you will have no difficulty in using it. More, the 10 pounds of weight, telescopic wand and long power cord makes the Nonstop MY7115 easy to move around from one place to another and also helps in cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your home.

Furthermore, its motor uses multi-cyclone technology for powerful suction. Hence, the Nonstop MY7115 has the ability to vacuum hard floors and low or high pile carpets. And with its large nozzle, it can clean up tough dirt, pieces of larger debris such as food crumbs, etc. More, this canister vacuum is perfect for those who suffer from allergies or have asthma problems because it has housed an excellent HEPA 14 filtration system. Thus it can filter up to 99.99% of dust particles, pollen, and allergens and in return give you a dust-free environment.

The Severin Nonstop MY7115 has all the useful accessories and tools that come in handy when it comes to the vacuuming process. There is an XL parquet nozzle that is for cleaning all types of hard surfaces. The other included tools are a crevice tool, furniture tool, and upholstery tool. Also, it does not create much noise while working as its noise level is 77 db. Hence, it is an energy-efficient, sturdy and agile product, suitable for those who are in need of such a canister vacuum having these features.

10. Bissell Deluxe 1161

Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum

If you are looking for a powerful and convenient canister vacuum that offers fingertip controls for suction and automatic height adjustments then go for Bissell Deluxe 1161. It not only carefully vacuum hard floors but also low pile carpets. The truly compact design and 9 pounds of weight make this canister easy to move around on the floor. Also, its swivel steering feature, telescoping metal wand, and 16 feet power cord provide a lot of maneuverability. That’s why you can clean with it dust or dirt under furniture and also walls or ceilings.

The best canister vacuum 2022 has a 7 amp motor which is not that powerful but the cyclonic cleaning technology produces strong suction power. Which is enough for efficiently cleaning dirt and debris from hardwood floors, bare floors, tiles, rugs, and low-pile carpets. More, you can adjust the power of suction through the suction control settings on the handle, plus the buttons on the base unit when cleaning different types of surfaces at the same time. Further, this bagless canister vacuum comes with a normal multi-level filtration system which helps in trapping the allergens and dust. But if you are allergic to dust then instead of this, you have to buy HEPA certified canister vacuums.

Bissell Deluxe 1161 offers all the necessary attachments for various vacuuming purposes. The onboard tools are a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a low pile carpet tool. But on the downside, it does not come with a power nozzle. Due to this, it does not work well on high pile carpets. In addition to this, Deluxe 1161 is quieter than other models of Bissell at only 82.5 dB. Overall, it’s not the perfect canister vacuum for carpets but the best one for hard floors.

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What is the Best Canister Vacuum?

A freshly vacuumed floor truly makes you comfortable at home. And for that, you will need the best canister vacuum to keep your home clean, and also it is like an investment that will serve you for many years. But choosing the best canister vacuum cleaner according to your needs and budget is an overwhelming process. Because there are different brands and models of canister vacuums, each one offers different features.

That’s why we have come up with this guide that contains all the necessary information and factors about the canister vacuums that you need to consider. So, before buying a canister vacuum, you should go through this guide. By keeping these factors in your mind, you will ultimately get the best canister vacuum for your home.

Determine or Identify your needs

Before buying a canister vacuum, you should ask yourself that do you need it for cleaning hard floors, stairs, or carpet? or do you want to clean with it ceiling or sofas? Because there are so many canister vacuums out there in the market for different cleaning purposes. And asking these questions yourself will definitely help you in picking out the best canister vacuum cleaner. More, canister vacuums are good for the job of cleaning hard floors, stairs, and carpets.

What is your Budget?

Budget! It is one of the most important factors. You should ask yourself how much money are you willing to pay for a canister vacuum? So, when you figure it out, you won’t waste your time on those vacuums which are out of your budget. Moreover, the top rated vacuum cleaners are expensive but some models are also budget-friendly. Hence, if you want the best one that is better in their job and also you are not budget-constrained then you should go for the expensive ones. But if your pocket doesn’t let you buy those ones then the alternative options for you are the average ones.


You want certainly that vacuum cleaner which is more efficient meaning that it offers faster vacuum cleaning. So, if you want to buy the best performant canister vacuum then you have to look for three features that it should have i.e airflow, suction, and depression. These 3 features indicate the performance of a vacuum. Depression indicates the power of vacuum cleaners in collecting dirt. This one is especially important for the cleaning of carpets. And the flow rate is useful for the cleaning of hard floors. Besides, buy that one canister vacuum that offers a flow rate of 100CFM.

Ease of Handle

Another factor that needs your consideration is the ease of use which means the easy handling of the vacuum cleaner while cleaning your home. If it is not a comfortable one then you will suffer from back pain, also it will waste your time. While choosing the best canister vacuum, you should also look for some of the below features that make it comfortable and also easy to handle.

Weight: It can significantly affect the ease of use of a vacuum cleaner. A bulky canister vacuum will be difficult to drag behind you and also to carry up or downstairs while cleaning the stairs. So, you should look for the lighter ones which offer more comfort.

Power Cord: The cord of the vacuum cleaner should be more than 20 feet long so that you do have not to find another plug for it and this will allow you to easily clean your room with it.

Wheels: The vacuum that you are buying should have large wheels in case if you have thick carpet in your home. Thus it will not get stuck by obstacles.

Stretchable Wand: The wand of it should be stretchable so that you can easily adjust it according to your height and it can also be useful in accessing the difficult areas.

Filtration System

It is a very essential feature of a vacuum cleaner. Filtration indicates the capacity of a vacuum cleaner of holding the dust particles, allergens, and pollens and keep them from getting away into the air. All of the vacuum cleaners do not come with the same level of filtration. Hence, buy that one that comes with a high-standard filtration system. But if you have asthma or dust allergy then it is strongly suggested that you should choose the vacuum cleaner which is equipped with a HEPA filter. Because the HEPA filter doesn’t let the smallest dust particles into the air which is the cause of allergy.

Noise Level

No one wants to buy a vacuum cleaner that produces more noise. Mostly the new ones produce less or negligible noise. Noise is expressed in Decibels (dB), the higher the value of it, the more noisy the vacuum cleaner will be. So, choose that canister vacuum that comes with a noise level of 70-80 dB.


When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home, you have to check its accessories and tools. And make sure that it is equipped with the combination floor tool which can be really useful in the cleaning of floors and carpets.

Quality, Durability and Warranty

The build quality of a vacuum cleaner shows that how long will it gonna last. When the components of it are made of good quality material then it ensures the durability of the vacuum cleaner. So, before buying, also check the build quality of a vacuum cleaner. And at the same time, check the warranty for it because it will tell you better about its durability.

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