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Are cordless vacuums worth it?

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Short answer, Yes!

If you’re reading this and have looked at various manufacturers and models it may seem confusing to which one you should buy? We all know that cordless vacuum cleaners bring many benefits to home cleaning and freedom being one of the most obvious (no pesky cord!).

Of course like with many things in life it’s important to choose the right solution for you whether it be a car or x amount of bedrooms in your home etc. With cordless vacuums I don’t personally recommend buying cheap cheap and you’ll find many of the reviews on this site are for vacuums which are priced roughly £50+ which they happen to offer good performance and versatility e.g multi-floor cleaning, upholstery and stairs etc. Some models even have hoses, LED lights and cutting edge sensor technology for easy maintenance.

One of the major considerations and questions when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner is “does it have the same amount of suction as a regular corded vacuum” the answer is yes some do but this entirely depends on your budget and what you need to use it for. If you want to replace your corded vacuum cleaner then I would recommend buying something that offers great versatility, has powerful suction and allows a good amount of cleaning time before it needs a recharge.

Just think what you’re likely to use it for and how long you would be cleaning then check out the specifications, generally speaking a bigger battery offers more suction and in some cases greater cleaning time and if you have pets a motorised brush bar on the floorhead is also pretty important as it helps to remove stubborn pet hair.

Please feel free to check out some of our reviews, the VAX cordless vacuum cleaner range offers great performance and cleaning versatility and would be more than enough for most homes.

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