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Over recent years the cordless vacuum market has exploded, there are many manufacturers who have several models available each with varying features. Best cordless vacuum site aims to review honest, down to earth and easy to understand reviews about the latest vacuum cleaners as if we were speaking to you about them. If you are looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner or simply want to find out more about them please read below, you can also choose the type and a budget you have by using the links below and this will show the latest reviews we have written first.

I need to clean:

  • Pet hair (dog and cat)
  • Hard floors (laminate and tile)
  • Carpets (living room, carpeted stairs)
  • My car (seats, tight spaces)

I have a budget of around:

  • Under £100
  • Over £200

When buying a cordless vacuum cleaner it’s important to check out the features below, in most cases you want plenty of cleaning time which is usually related to how large the battery is e.g. 18v, 24v. The dust container size is also important e.g. 0.25 liter, 0.5 liter or 1 liter and usually higher priced models have more capacity but you don’t want to be emptying it every 5 minutes whilst cleaning. Another important feature of any vacuum cleaner is a motorised brush bar, this will help to pick up embedded pet hair in carpets and upholstery, it’s a real must for anybody with pets and children.

  • Battery – The bigger the battery normally indicates more suction power and importantly a greater run or cleaning time, this is important if you want to clean all around your home e.g. upstairs/downstairs and upholstery.
  • Charging Time – This value indicated in hours will tell you how long your cordless vacuum battery takes to charge until its next use, it’s always important to charge batteries properly before using and after.
  • Run Time – This is value indicated in minutes tells you how long your charged cordless vacuum battery will last. This figure is from the manufacturer and may vary.
  • Power – This is a really important figure indicated in AW or air watts, if you are looking to replace your corded vacuum cleaner then a higher number is better, but that being said new motor technonology from companies like Dyson it isn’t always a true reflection on what a vacuum can do.
  • Motorised brush – Some cordless vacuums feature a motorised brush head which really helps when picking up pet hairs etc, it’s definitely worth looking out for vacuums that offer these.
  • Attachments – This simply lets you know whats included with your cordless vacuum cleaner when it comes in its box, cordless vacuum cleaner attachments tend to vary from model to model, although it’s worth choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner with lots of attachment as you get more for your money!
  • Weight – An important factor when considering a cordless vacuum cleaner, after all your the one who will be lugging it around your home!
  • Price – Prices are correct at the date of writing our reviews, they may change hopefully they’ll go down.

I already have a mains vacuum do I really need a cordless vacuum cleaner? You can either use your cordless vacuum cleaner for quick spot cleans or hard to reach areas, things have moved on a bit in terms of battery technology compared to when cordless vacuum cleaners were first available and this means if you buy a VAX or Dyson with a good amount of cleaning time there is no reason why it cannot replace your standard mains corded vacuum cleaner. Of course, having mains power in most cases will provide greater longer lasting suction but this all depends on what your requirements are, for most people who clean their homes regularly a cordless vacuum cleaner with plenty of cleaning or runtime is going to be more than adequate.

I’m not sure which cordless vacuum cleaner to buy? Well, the answer to this question all depends on your requirements for example:

  • Which floor surfaces (e.g. carpet or laminate flooring) are you cleaning?
  • Do you need to clean stairs?
  • How long to you need to clean for?
  • Do you have pets etc?#

In most cases, if you buy a cordless vacuum with plenty of runtime e.g. 20-30 minutes, a good sized dust container e.g. 0.5 litres and optionally a motorised brush bar it will work for your home. If you want to be able to clean upright like a corded vacuum cleaner and then switch to a handheld then also consider the 2-in-1 vacuums that are available.

What should I look for when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?  Personally, I’d try to choose a vacuum with plenty of cleaning time, good suction and a motorised brush bar which is perfect for cleaning up pet hair.If you have both laminate and carpet flooring then you’ll want a vacuum which can clean both, some offer long hoses for high reach which make cleaning up high, the stairs and even upholstery such as your curtains or sofa much easier.

Apart from those options above you will want to make sure you look at charging time, some models offer plenty of cleaning time with a good charging time whereas other models offer little cleaning time with a large charging time. Generally speaking, if you pay a bit more you’ll get something with a good mix of functions and plenty of cleaning time.

Thank you for reading your advice above and I hope it has helped you, depending on how you want to use a cordless vacuum to clean around your home please consider the options and make sure it will do what you want. My advice is don’t buy a cheap vacuum as you will be disappointed!